Follow Vastu Rules at Workplace

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Your office or your workplace is your second home, where you spend half your day working. It is really important that your workplace will remain positive and welcoming, where employees and workers feel happy to come and work.
Many people use Vastu tips to make their place better and peaceful. The same principle is also applicable on our workplace too.
If you are a boss or owner of the workplace you should get to know about the best Vastu tips to create a healthy and happy environment for your employees and workers. If they will feel comfortable and happy at the workplace, they will itself give their best to the organization.
There are many huge companies and organizations who have applied Vastu in their workplace to make the difference in the environment of workplace.
Vastu of the office or workplace affects every person working over there. The energies and vibrations of it affect each person and create an impact on their work, mind efficiency and effectiveness.
If you have not applied Vastu in your home you will surely face unproductive aspects in your business and office, because the negative energies and vibrations are affecting the environment of workplace.

Vedic Vastu:

Vedic Vastu is a science that deals with architecture and construction. It is the part of Vastu vidhya and applied with the ‘Atharveda’ (economics) which lays the guidelines for architecture, design and construction. Same principles are also applied in the case of business and offices, with our houses.
Vedic Vastu rules defines the directions and state what to place where and how, and what to should be avoided for the growth and development of business.

Tips for your workplace:

  • According to Vedic Vastu your office entrance should face east or north direction, and do not put anything in front of the entrance which will create obstacle in the entrance.
  • Always keep the central part of the office empty.
  • Office building or area should face north, north-east or north-west direction as it brings good luck, positivity and energetic vibes in your office.
  • Make you staff work or sit in the north or east direction.
  • You can place an aquarium with gold fish or black fish
  • Work desk or working place should have square or rectangular shape but not L-shape, weird desk shapes can create confusion and stress in employees mind.

Electrical equipment’s should be kept in south-east direction, to avoid accidents from it.

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