How learning Palmistry can be helpful for you –

We all have many questions in our mind like, where I’m going in life, will I be successful, I will be healthy or not or I will travel or not? These questions are normal in every person’s mind but not every person knows the answers behind these questions. You can get answers to these type question related to your life, career, relationship, job and health with the help of Palmistry.
Learning Palmistry can be helpful in every situation of life because it includes information about the person from his life to death.
Palmistry is basically the art of reading palms of the human beings to know about their life, relationships, health, career, personality traits and many things.
There are different lines in human’s hand which tells many different aspects of the person and his or her life.
It is quite interesting to know that the Palmist (palm reader) can tell you about your past present and future only by reading your hand and lines on it. It is the most interesting yet informational art in this world.
Not only in India but people around the world trusts in Palmistry in most of the cases in their life.
Palmistry is an ancient art which is believed by many huge ancient personalities and they had applied it in their life to make it better and to control many things in their life.

-If you will learn palmistry you can help others to get to know about their life and related things.
– You can start your part time career in Palmistry and can become an expert in it.
– You get information of your life and future, as Palmistry is the way to connect with your future and to know about it.
– Learn Palmistry to get control on your weaknesses and low points which is affecting your life.

There are more benefits of learning Palmistry, all you need is to learn and understand it.

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The Scorpio People

If you are scared from the name of Scorpio or thinking that the people are as dangerous as their zodiac sign then maybe you are wrong! Don’t just judge them with their name but know the real characteristics of this sign.
As every sign is special and different from each other by their nature, behavior, personality traits, like, dislikes and may other faculties, this sign also holds special and unique characteristics in their life.
If you or your any family member, friend or colleague is Scorpio you can easily relate to this.

It is believed that Scorpio sign is the most intense and sensual sign in all the zodiac signs. They are known for their passion, willpower, determination, assertiveness and firmness. They are the people who are always in the search of truth.
Scorpio sign has influence of the moon on it which makes them more sensitive where they often need to bring their emotions into balance.

Scorpios are always faithful towards their family and would readily fulfill all their familial problems.

They have a competitive nature which can serve them well at work and they pursue success with their determination.
Due to their mysterious nature they are quite different and are irresistibly attractive. They are bold and decisive with their financial decisions and take better financial decisions but they don’t risks in their work or life.
If we talk about their relationship faculties then they are the best partners you can ever have. Scorpios are very traditional with their love relationships and mostly prefer to be committed. When they are in relationship they will want to know everything about you. They try to connect spiritually with their partners and they will always protect their loved once and stand next to them in every situation.

Positive Qualities of Scorpio’s-

– They are always focused in their work and life to get better results for their efforts and energy.
– They are brave to face any situation or to take any decision.
– Always loyal with their nature
They are faithful by their nature as you can trust them easily.
– Scorpio’s are mostly ambitious and ready to face new challenges in their life to do something different from others.

Negative Qualities of Scorpio’s-

– Sometimes they are jealous of other people in some situations like personality, wealth, career or for their own partner.
– They possessive towards their things and people.
– They are the most secretive people you can ever see. They can keep secrets for a longer span of time.
– They are worst for their dominating nature, as they can dominate every person who is connected with them personally or professionally.
– Sometimes they are unsympathetic and rude in their nature for others, sometimes intentionally or sometimes unintentionally.

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8 (Aath) Mukhi Rudraksha

Rudrasha is one of the strongest gemstone on this planet earth. We have seen many people around us who have wore the Rudraksha in different ways like jewelry, bracelet, healing stone etc.
Rudraksha are basically the seeds of the tree which are generated from the Rudraksha tree, the Rudraksha tree’s scientific name is ‘Elaeocarpus ganitrus roxb’ which was named by the scientist Dr, William Roxburgh.
There many kinds of Rudraksha present on this earth, which are used by human beings for many purposes.
One of the best Rudraksha which is found rarely on the trees of Rudraksha is 8 face Rudraksha (Aath Mukhi Rudraksha). This Rudraksha is used for many purposes in India as well as outside of the India.
It is one of the most spiritual stone on this planet.
It is highly believed that Rudraksha 8 face bead is very auspicious for wisdom, awareness and for removal of obstacles.
People who are deeply spiritual use 8 face Rudraksha to enhance their spiritual growth. People use to recite mantras at the time of prayers and worships. It is believed that Rudraksha beads have the power to hold onto the energy of recited mantras and aid the worshipper in concentration and spiritual development.
It is said that Ketu planet is associated with this Rudraksha bead, Ketu is the snake that causes obstacles in one’s journey of the life. Eight face Rudraksha repeals the negative effects of planet Ketu. Thus, Rudraksha removes the destructive effects of Ketu.

Benefits of 8 face (mukhi) Rudraksha-
It removes the obstacles in wearer’s life and brings success in all field of work.
– Increases your connection with lord Ganesha.
– Makes you highly intellectual and provides wisdom.
– Gives will power, success and stability.
– It is beneficial for the students, writers and educationist. It is also good for the people in the field of intellectual work.
– Rudraksha removes mental lethargy and makes the person active and energetic.
– It can improve your relation with your family and society.
– Removes greed and lust in the person and brings support and stability.

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Astrological Significance of Ketu

There are nine planets in our universe according to the science. Astrology has suggested that there are nine planets in our horoscope in which there are some shadow planets as well. The shadow planets has their influence on the lives of the people. Those shadow planets are Rahu and Ketu, these two planets don’t have their physical appearance but they are in our birth chart which will influence our life and the condition of the horoscope or birth chart.
Ketu planet is considered as the most inauspicious planet in our horoscope, but due its strongest nature it is also considered auspicious sometimes. Ketu’s auspiciousness and inauspiciousness is dependent upon the position where it is situated on our birth chart.
It is believed that Ketu is the half portion of Rahu. Once both of them was the same entity but later they both got separated as Rahu and Ketu, this is why Ketu is considered to be like Rahu in all respects.

It’s a fact that sometimes Ketu delivers more auspicious results than any other benevolent planet.
If Ketu is exalted it will give the best effects in your life and birth chart. Ketu is considered as a powerful planet thus will change your life in an unexpected ways.

When Ketu is exalted in the friendly planets like Rahu, Mercury, Venus and Saturn it will provide you the growth, prosperity, property benefits, luxury, wisdom, comfort and institution power.
The main characteristic of Ketu is that, it provides spirituality. It is also known as spiritual planet.
Any person who is influenced by this planet is gifted with spiritual achievements. This kind of person takes interest in spiritual and religious deeds, secret awareness, super natural powers and ghost related subjects. The person has the great healing powers and ability to heal through their spiritual power.

If we talk about the enemy planets of the Ketu, we will get to know that it will give harmful effects to the person where Ketu is debilitated with his enemy planets like Sun Moon and Mars.
It will indicate numbers of possibilities such as diseases related to skin, person may have tendency of day dreaming, fear of death, induced pain in body, accidents and misery in his or her life.

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The Tigers Eye Crystal

There is millions of crystals and gems present in our mother earth. Each crystal or gem has its own uses and benefits in the life human in many ways. There are some crystals which are used for different purpose in life.
One of the best stone to have motivation and courage is the Tigers eye stone. The stone is used for increasing the courage and motivation in the person who is unconfident and doubtful in his or her life. It will provide you courage and motivation in your every work or everything you do.
Sometimes fear may trap you in your place and take control over your life, the tiger’s eye crystal helps to transform those toxic feelings and emotions into courage and self confidence.

If you constantly doubt yourself, tiger stone will help you to stabilize energy by providing you passion, courage and determination.
The tiger’s eye crystal gets its healing properties from sun and the earth’s combination. When you will wear the crystal or the jewelry made from the crystal you will face every situation in the positive perception through its stabilizing vibrations and optimism. You can balance your perspective towards everything in a different way with this precious stone.
The tiger eyes crystal will help you to discover yourself in a much authentic way.
It can sharpens your senses and help you to pay attention to every details and prepare for positive action. On the same time it will boost your will power, emotional stability and energy levels.

Wearing tiger’s eye brings sharpness to one’s inner vision and better understanding of the cause and effect of each situation. It helps someone to use their power in the right direction and to portray courage and integrity.

You can wear it as a stone or jewelry to bring confidence in yourself in your work and personal life. It will help you to bring out the best in you, in every situation of life.
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The Good And The Bad Rahu-

Every person in this world knows about the planets and universe. In our childhood we have taught about different planets in the universe.  Everyone knows about the sun and moon because it is the source of our life. When sun gives us light, heat and energy on the other side moon provides us coolness and calmness. Even the famous poets and writers have used moon to give many life related examples in their poem and phrases. The moon is known for his calmness that is why every person loves the moon.

In same reference the planet Saturn is also known for its faculties but in astrology is the painful planet in all planets. The effects of Saturn are most probably negative in everyone’s life. The 7.5 years long period of Saturn in someone’s horoscope brings many changes in native’s personal and professional life.
So as people also have heard about Rahu in their horoscope and have always thought about it as a bad planet which will influence their life in a negative manner and felt afraid about it.

The good Rahu-

Every person who believes in astrology thinks that Rahu will always give his negative effects on their life, but this perception towards Rahu is absolutely wrong. Rahu has its own pros and cons dependent upon the situation, means on which house he has placed in the birth chart varies his consequences on life of the people.
It is believed that if Rahu sits in the higher houses, which means if the Rahu will sit with the Gemini (zodiac sign) it will give its positive effects on the individual’s life. The second best position for Rahu is on the Aquarius or Virgo sign. These three signs give best positive effects with Rahu.
If the Rahu sits on the friendly zodiac signs of the person according to their horoscope, that means if Rahu sits on Gemini, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius or on the Taurus then it will give its advantages and benefits on the person’s life.

The bad Rahu-
It is said that if Rahu sits on the lower signs then it will give its negative impact on person’s life, it means that if Rahu sits on the Sagittarius then it will give its inauspicious effects in the life of the person. The second worst position for Rahu is on the enemy signs that are Leo and Cancer. Lastly if Rahu sits with its enemy planets like Sun, Moon, Mars or Ketu then it will give its unfortunate results in person’s life.

The bad Rahu will give bad experience in life like wealth loss, unhealthy life, misery in the house etc and the good Rahu brings overnight changes in life like unexpected wealth, comfort, status and a healthy life. So this is how the positions of the Rahu bring both, positive and negative changes in person’s life.

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Protect your loved ones-Celebrate Karwa Chauth

Medicines can save the lives of the people, but according to strong believes in Hinduism, life of the people can be saved through sacred prayers and rituals. Then there comes a festival known as Karwa Chauth all around the India. The festival and fast of Karwa Chauth is celebrated each year by the hindu women in India in the regions of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi.
On Karwa Chauth the married women especially in northern India, fast from sunrise to moonrise for the safety and longevity of their husbands life.
Historically Karwa Chauthwas celebrated as a prayer for the long life of the soldiers in the war and by extension today refers to the long life of married man.
There is an ancient story which makes a good majority of Hindu women fast for a whole day every year in the month of October.
There was a beautiful Queen Veervati who had taken fast for her husband when he was in the war after their marriage, and decided to break the fast after the moon rise. She was at her parent’s home at that time. Her brothers don’t want her to starve for the whole day and was waiting for the moon to come soon, and they decided to trick her with the fake reflection of moon, so that she can have food after she broke the fast. Veervati got tricked very easily and broke her fast. Later she got the news, that her husband got died in the war. She felt betrayed by her brothers and blamed herself for her husband’s death. Later with her prayers she forced god to come in front of her, then god suggested her to keep that fast again with the same rituals. Her husband got his life back after the completion of her fast.

Later Indian women’s started keeping fast for the soldier husbands who was out for the far living their family behind.  So to protect their life and to give longevity to their life, women started keeping Karwa Chauth fast for their husband.
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