The Sacred Month – Kartik Paksh

India is the land of sacredness and purity, where every festival and ritual is celebrated with full enthusiasm and morality. Every different cast and culture have their own distinct festivals and occasions, some related to their god and goddess and some with their historical relation.
In Indian community there comes a month when most of the sacred works and customs are done with proper rituals and traditions.
Kartik Month or Kartik Paksh is the time when in Hindu community celebrates their important festivals like Dhanteras, Diwali, Tulsi Vivah etc. The main story behind the name Kartik month is that the son of Lord Shiva, Kartikeya has killed the evil demon Taarkasur in this month, that’s why it is named as Kartik month to respect the victory of lord Kartikeya.

This month has its own significance and importance due to its faculties and results in the human life.
It is said that doing various customs and following some major traditions in this auspicious month gives benefit to the people and maintains a positive vibe around them.
According to an ancient story God Vishnu as an incarnation of God Narayan use to stay in the water bodies for the whole Kartik month, that is why it is good to take a bath once in any Indian river in the month of Kartik to get the blessings of lord Vishnu, doing holy baths, putting diya in the river after the bath and worshipping lord Sun will help you to enhance the quality of your life in a spiritual way.
It is good to grant or to donate something to the needy and poor people in this month, which will give positive effects in your life.
Doing holy works and pujan in this month will also give positive effects in your life by protecting you and your family from negativity and provide blessings in your life to maintain prosperity, happiness, mental stability and good health status.
Offering water to sun will be helpful for the people in this month to gain strength and stability in individual’s life.
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