How to name your Newborn according to Vedic Astrology?

Naming a newborn kid is really a tough task. We have to look for so many things to name a child. If you are living in India and believe in Indian customs and traditions then you would have also known that you must choose your newborn name according to his or her horoscope and astrological signs.
Every person is born under the astrological aspect and the planetary movements at their time of birth. Before naming your newborn child you should create his or her horoscope and then the horoscope will suggest the name letter according to their zodiac sign.

Naming a newborn is a very important custom in Indian culture which is followed by ritual and traditional ceremony by the family members to make that moment memorable. The second important task is to name a child which will suit his personality in the future.

As we all know our name holds our identity for our whole life so one should also get the name which will suit his personality and work in the future and people will remember his or her name easily.

Why name a child as per Astrology? 

Every zodiac sign and horoscope holds different faculties and specialties according to which their name letter gets developed. Name letter according to horoscope includes whole information about the letter as well that how that letter will work on their child in the future and what benefits he or she will get after getting the particular name.

Here are some suggestions according to the child’s astrological sign (zodiac sign) that which letter will suit their personality and give them benefits in the future.

  • Aries- La, Li, Le, Aa.
  • Taurus- Va, Vi, Vu, Ae.
  • Gemini- Ka, Ki, Ke, Ko.
  • Cancer- Hi, Hu, Da, Di.
  • Leo- Mi, Ma, Me, Ta Ti
  • Virgo- Pi, Pa, Sh.
  • Libra- Ra, Re, Ri, Ru, Ti.
  • Scorpio- Na, Ni, No, Ya.
  • Sagittarius- Ye, Yo, Bha, Fha.
  • Capricorn- Ga, Gi, Ja, Ji.
  • Aquarius- Sa, Su, Se, Da.
  • Pisces- Di, Du, De, Do.

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Grah Shanti Puja for New House

Our house is our happy place. Whenever a new child is born it is necessary to give them basic vaccinations and treatments, so that they can live a healthy and happy life in future, so as your home.
Your home is place where you have to stay for life so, it is necessary to keep our new house healthy and negativity free before entering there.
Ancient people use to believe that our house is the living entity and we should keep our house positive and harmonious by applying Vastu and basic Vastu related pooja before going to live there.

In Indian community people believes that it is always good to perform ‘Grah Shanti Pujan’ in the newly constructed house.
It is the method of doing holy process to make your house sacred and pure after the construction. It is done by the astrologer or by the experienced Hindu priest (Pandit) in Hindu community.
Our house is surrounded by many energies, some positive and negative and at the place your house is constructed or developed also has its past energies both positive and negative. It is important to keep the balance between both the energy to spend happy life ahead in the new house.

What is Grah Shanti Puja?
There are nine planets in our horoscope. Each planet has its good and bad influence on our life. Our house is also made up of some planetary influences. When planets change their positions, sometimes it will cause bad effect as well. To control those bad influences and energies in your house Grah shanti pujan is done, so that our lives will not influenced by the bad planetary effect and it will remain peaceful.
This puja is performed to drive away all the faults (dosha) of the bad planets and increases the flow of positive energy in the house and family. Hindu priest (pandit) performs grah shanti puja as per the Vedic rituals and Hindu customs bases on the birth date of the owner.

Benefits of doing puja-

  • Creates the flow of positive energy in the house.
  • Maintains peace and harmony
  • Keep the balance between good and the bad planetary effects
  • Grants happiness, peace, prosperity and harmony to the house.
  • Turns the bad influence of the planet into positive.

Keeps the family member healthy, stress free, energetic and happy.

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Applying Industrial Vastu for success and profit

Vastu is applied in every house, flat, office and in many other living spaces but nowadays people have started applying Vastu in their business and Industries as well.
It is very important to maintain your house as per Vastu but on the same hand it also important to maintain peace and prosperity in your industrial area or working space. Working in Vastu blessed place is another harmonious experience for everyone. There are end of things one should look after in his or her industry.
If you owe an Industry or a huge business then it is the place where you will get success, profit, fame, goodwill and wealth, so it is important to make that place positive and free from evil energy.
When people apply Vastu in their living or working spaces they will feel more positive and energetic in that place.
To keep your employees and workers happy and dedicated to their work, you have to provide them a better environment and vibes to work there. It is very important to keep your employees and workers motivated to work to cope up with the market and competition.
There are several many more things that should be considered while setting Vastu guidelines for industry, factory or office space.  Like- selection of the site, position for machines and electronic gadgets, kitchen, administration room, chairman’s room, manager room, etc everything must be at the right place to maintain harmony and strength in the industry.

Institute of Vedic Astrology has basic and important industrial Vastu tips for you, which you can apply in your new or old Industry or business place to gain better results. Though, it is the time of market challenges and competition, here every business person wants to be on the top with great profits and goodwill. These tips will surely help you to maintain Vastu in your industry.

– Keep the Northeast corner of the factory clean and garbage-free, therefore don’t dump or keep any sought of garbage there.

– You can keep your heavy raw material and finished goods in the West, Southeast or either South corner places.

– The water tank is advised to be kept in the Southwest corner.

– Every place has kitchen for the mini preparations at the time or break or lunch so your factory or workplace kitchen should be placed in the Southeast direction because the god of fire also resides at the same place.

-Heavy machines or the light-weighted machines should be located in the South or West sides but avoid the center.

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