8 (Aath) Mukhi Rudraksha

Rudrasha is one of the strongest gemstone on this planet earth. We have seen many people around us who have wore the Rudraksha in different ways like jewelry, bracelet, healing stone etc.
Rudraksha are basically the seeds of the tree which are generated from the Rudraksha tree, the Rudraksha tree’s scientific name is ‘Elaeocarpus ganitrus roxb’ which was named by the scientist Dr, William Roxburgh.
There many kinds of Rudraksha present on this earth, which are used by human beings for many purposes.
One of the best Rudraksha which is found rarely on the trees of Rudraksha is 8 face Rudraksha (Aath Mukhi Rudraksha). This Rudraksha is used for many purposes in India as well as outside of the India.
It is one of the most spiritual stone on this planet.
It is highly believed that Rudraksha 8 face bead is very auspicious for wisdom, awareness and for removal of obstacles.
People who are deeply spiritual use 8 face Rudraksha to enhance their spiritual growth. People use to recite mantras at the time of prayers and worships. It is believed that Rudraksha beads have the power to hold onto the energy of recited mantras and aid the worshipper in concentration and spiritual development.
It is said that Ketu planet is associated with this Rudraksha bead, Ketu is the snake that causes obstacles in one’s journey of the life. Eight face Rudraksha repeals the negative effects of planet Ketu. Thus, Rudraksha removes the destructive effects of Ketu.

Benefits of 8 face (mukhi) Rudraksha-
It removes the obstacles in wearer’s life and brings success in all field of work.
– Increases your connection with lord Ganesha.
– Makes you highly intellectual and provides wisdom.
– Gives will power, success and stability.
– It is beneficial for the students, writers and educationist. It is also good for the people in the field of intellectual work.
– Rudraksha removes mental lethargy and makes the person active and energetic.
– It can improve your relation with your family and society.
– Removes greed and lust in the person and brings support and stability.

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The Tigers Eye Crystal

There is millions of crystals and gems present in our mother earth. Each crystal or gem has its own uses and benefits in the life human in many ways. There are some crystals which are used for different purpose in life.
One of the best stone to have motivation and courage is the Tigers eye stone. The stone is used for increasing the courage and motivation in the person who is unconfident and doubtful in his or her life. It will provide you courage and motivation in your every work or everything you do.
Sometimes fear may trap you in your place and take control over your life, the tiger’s eye crystal helps to transform those toxic feelings and emotions into courage and self confidence.

If you constantly doubt yourself, tiger stone will help you to stabilize energy by providing you passion, courage and determination.
The tiger’s eye crystal gets its healing properties from sun and the earth’s combination. When you will wear the crystal or the jewelry made from the crystal you will face every situation in the positive perception through its stabilizing vibrations and optimism. You can balance your perspective towards everything in a different way with this precious stone.
The tiger eyes crystal will help you to discover yourself in a much authentic way.
It can sharpens your senses and help you to pay attention to every details and prepare for positive action. On the same time it will boost your will power, emotional stability and energy levels.

Wearing tiger’s eye brings sharpness to one’s inner vision and better understanding of the cause and effect of each situation. It helps someone to use their power in the right direction and to portray courage and integrity.

You can wear it as a stone or jewelry to bring confidence in yourself in your work and personal life. It will help you to bring out the best in you, in every situation of life.
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Power of Amethyst Crystal

The amethyst crystal possesses some detectable of the magnetic field and it has the capacity to absorb and emit infrared radiation. There is a number of advantages to the human body due to them. You can learn about them and the scientific characters and their nature by taking any courses in colleges like IVA Indore.

Cell Regeneration

Some astrology lessons say that the infrared radiation will help in healthy growth and regeneration. Higher the infrared radiation will increase energy levels in your body. It also helps in the growth of healthy cells and whole body growth as well.

Sleep Support

It is scientifically proved that the crystals will helps in regulating the modulate sleep patterns. They produce a lower level of heat and thus your body gets calm and tends to a peaceful sleep. It also helps to get rid of insomnia and nightmares.

Blood Circulation

Blood circulation is there a key aspect that proves that the body is functioning well. There is certain evidence stating that the crystal enables the micro circulation among the capillaries in your skin. Later, it is found that infrared radiation is responsible for the process.

Fluid Mobility

In body blood is not the only fluid, there are also several other fluids like lymph fluid and normal fluid. The infrared radiation will help in stimulating the mobility of all the liquids like lymph fluid and other normal fluids present in the tissue and balances them.

Mood Support

There research keeping the infrared radiation emitting disc is placed under the pillow and during people when they sleep; those people realized that there was some satisfaction in their life within some time. Thus the crystal has the tendency to elevate the level of satisfaction by making your mood adoptable to various situations. When you learn astrology you might know more about its relation to your sleep.

Antioxidant activity

You might have heard about antioxidants and the health benefits that are associated with the natural compounds. It is found that when exposed to infrared rays the effect of the radiation also will be increased on certain food and they will be highly healthy and beneficial to health.

 Wound support

The crystals with the infrared radiation have the tendency to improve the ability to repair the skin tissue particularly for the people affected by diabetes. It also helps to cure skin issues for the people suffering from chronic and acute conditions as well. People can also be benefited from reconstructive surgeries.

Bacteria fighter

In a body it is necessary that certain bacteria have to be growing; these infrared radiations will help in growth by certain growth-promoting enzymes. These are dependent on science and also there is certain evidence that science can produce. On the other hand, there is also a certain astrology course that states them. You can choose a course in some colleges like the Institute of vedic astrology to learn them.

When you are passionate towards it you can learn them and by choosing the best course where some sites like Institute of vedic astrology Indore reviews helps and you can choose them as your career.


Know The Diamonds – Learn Gems And Crystal’s Therapy


You have seen so many people wearing gems and crystals on their hands, and it might looks attractive and interesting. Then very second thought comes in your mind was, can I also wear it or I should also wear it. But wait! Gems and crystals are for everyone but here, terms and conditions are applied.
We can surely use gems and crystals to look attractive and different, but you have to think twice before wearing or using a particular gem or crystal.
Every gem and crystal has their own benefits and uses, which vary person to person but not for everyone. It may have their after effects too.

What are Gems and Crystals?
Gems and Crystals are 3 dimensional forms that are formed in the mother earth. Crystals are the piece of homogeneous solid substance composed of atoms, molecules or ions. In simple words we can say that it is glass kind of substance, which is clear and transparent. Some of the common crystals are- Quartz, Amethyst, Rose quartz etc.
Gems are the form of mineral crystal, which is in cut and polished form. Gems are then used to make jewelry and different ornaments, some common gems are- Pearl, Opal, Moonstone, Tiger’s eye, Jasper etc.
One of the best solid compounds is ‘Diamonds’. We are all aware about diamonds. But on the other side we don’t have proper information about diamonds and its uses as per our conditions and situations.

What are Diamonds?
Diamonds are the gemstone, which are cut and modulated in a crystal form. Diamonds are formed billions of years ago and are extremely rare. Most of the natural diamonds ages between 1 billion to 3.5 billion years. Most are formed and found in depths between 150 and 250 kilometers in the earth’s blanket.
Besides this it is one of the most expensive kinds of crystal on earth. So, before buying or wearing diamond you should have better knowledge about its benefits and side effects.
Wearing diamonds has its own pros and cons.

Who can wear diamonds?
If you are thinking that every person can wear it, then you are absolutely wrong. Not every person on this earth can wear diamonds. Diamonds have its own vibrations and energies which only works on particular people, but if it doesn’t meant for you then you should totally avoid it, because it can harm you in many ways possible.
If you are not aware about your zodiac sign (Rashi), then you should get to know about it and the probability of wearing diamonds from any expert astrologer or gems and crystal master.

As we all know it is the most expensive crystal and if you are buying it, consult an astrologer before wearing it, to know the consequences of wearing it according to your Zodiac sign.
It is very important to wear it according to your Zodiac sign, then only it will be beneficial for you otherwise it is a waste.

Diamonds are for some particular Zodiac signs which are-

Libra (tula)

Taurus (varshik)

Diamonds are best for these two zodiac signs. People with Libra signs can wear diamonds for them it brings luck, power, knowledge and prosperity. For Taurus sign people diamonds are beneficial because it will bring major success, prosperity, health and wealth to those people.
Diamonds are not suitable mainly for zodiac signs such as- Aries, Pisces and Scorpio.

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The Fortune Turning Gem-Yellow Sapphire

There are many kind of gemstones present in mother earth, some are known and some are still to be found.  Among those beautiful and precious gemstone there is one most common gemstone which yet so precious in human beings and on earth is Yellow Sapphire. It is the common gemstone, which is worn by many people as per astrology especially in India and in many other countries.

In India Yellow Sapphire is commonly known as Pukhraaj stone.  It is worn by both male and female as per their astrological signs, because the gem has its own advantages and disadvantages on people.

What is Yellow Sapphire?
The yellow Sapphire is basically a gemstone from the gems and crystals family. This gemstone looks yellow in color and it is from the variety of mineral corundum. A natural sapphire has also many colors like blue, orange, green and purple color.
It is one of the most powerful gemstone which has various benefits in it. This can protect the wearer in so many ways possible.

Benefits of Wearing Yellow Sapphire-

Yellow Sapphire has its own pros and cons on the wearer and found to be more effective and useful for the people who use to wear it.

  • It protects the wearer from accidental death and miseries of day to day life.
  • It also provides mental peace and stability to the wearer
  • It gives courage and happiness to the person wearing it.
  • Some people have tendency to get angry on small things, wearing Yellow Sapphire can help them of decrease their tendency of getting angry
  • It also provides marital happiness and satisfaction in life to both males and females.
  • It also have the faculty to reduce fat the body and heals ailments related to skin and throat

Yellow Sapphire stone has also one more especial faculty; it also helps to change the luck and fortune of the person weaning it. If the person is facing difficulties in his or her career they can wear it, and within some days it will affect the person’s life in an unexpected way and bring fortune and luck in the person’s life.

Which signs can wear it ?
It best works on the people with the zodiac sign Sagittarius and Pisces.
For Sagittarius people it works best, it help them to reduce their tendency of getting angry, it also makes them energetic.
In case of Pisces, it helps them to have happiness and courage in their life, and also helps them to get protected from negativity around them and bring good fortune and luck for them.
It also works for other signs also but it mainly works best on these both signs.

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