Vastu Tips for Bedroom to Escape Bad Dreams

Do you often wake up in the middle of the night because of some bad dreams or faces trouble in sleeping? Does your children screams and wakes up at night or have respiratory issues? If your answer is yes for any of these questions, know that it is time for you to learn Vastu with Institute of Vedic Astrology. If you learn Vastu, you can easily figure out if there is something brewing in the bedroom that requires your immediate attention. There are several principles in Vastu Shatra according to which you should design your bedroom to have a proper and peaceful sleep. This is only possible if you learn Vastu with Institute of Vedic Astrology.

vastu training by IVAindore

Vastu is nothing but ancient environmental science that combines the five elements of nature and balance them with the man and the material. It is highly responsible for how your home or workplaces have impacts on your health, happiness, success, relationships and so forth. To make the most of your home or workplaces, you are strongly recommended to learn Vastu with Institute of Vedic Astrology.

With this post, we are going to look at few of the principles of Vastu that you can make use of in your home to have a peaceful sleep. Without wasting any more time, let us have a look at them In brief:

  • Remove the clutters if it is there under your bed. Due to shortage of space or any other reasons, if you need to make use of the area under your bed, it is vital to keep them organized and stay conscious of what you store there. According to the principles of Vastu Shasta, the quality of your sleep is strongly affected by whatever you have kept under your bed.
  • Mirrors that confront the bed gather stress which “reflects” that stress back to you. In the event that you can sit up in bed and see yourself in a dresser mirror or a mirrored closet door, cover it with a bit of fabric during the night. Doing as such will enable you to feel substantially more refreshed toward the beginning of the day.
  • The same goes with a computer or televisions in a bedroom. TVs and computer remain on notwithstanding when you turn them off and transmit radiation. For a better night’s sleep, cover your TV or computer when they’re not being used or, even better, remove them from the bedroom altogether.

These are just some of the many things that you should keep in mind while designing your bedroom. Vastu Shastra is just not for your home. You can also make use of the principles of Vastu Shatra at your offices, shops and so forth. Remember that, learning Vastu Shastra with Institute of Vedic Astrology can favor you in different ways.


Why Should You Learn Vastu Shastra For Business

“A business should tune in well with all the elements of air, water, fire, and earth in order to achieve success”, says practitioners of Vastu Shastra for business. More often than not, you must have sensed some kind of negative vibrations while visiting any offices. On the other hand, you must have also visited offices that gives positive vibrations. The reason behind the same is very simple. The offices that gives positive vibrations must have been created keeping the principles of Vastu Shastra for business in mind.

vastu for business by IVA

In spite of years of hard works, there are several businesses that fails, while there are also some businesses that grows in very little span of time. Believe it or not, one of the major factor behind the same is the Vastu of the business.

Vastu Shastra is nothing but an ancient science that has been followed by large number of people since immemorial in order to increment their overall wellbeing, specifically for the success of any business. Vastu “Shastra is a collection of some principles that are being utilized generally in architecture and interior design”, practitioners of Vastu Shastra for business says.

As per the practitioners of Vastu Shastra for business, the principles of Vastu Shastra is based on Vedic truths. Implementing Vastu Shastra in your business can help you in making more profits out of your any businesses.

There are large number of people who believes that Vastu Shastra is applicable only in homes. It is partial truth. As a matter of fact, applying the principles of Vastu Shastra in your business, or at any place where you work is also of equal significance. It is important for the overall success of your business to get the right Vastu. The place where you run your business should comply well with the elements of air, water, fire and as well as earth, so that both the management and employees can work in harmony to achieve success. Consulting a practitioner of Vastu Shastra for business would be a very tedious task for you. I, personally, do not believe that it would be possible for any business owner to consult them as often as they need, since you are surely going to remain occupied with your other business activities. If this is your case, you are ought to learn Vastu Shastra for business and apply it as often as required in your business.

IVA Indore admits that there are several instances where we have noticed that a new business owner is making huge profits out of his or her businesses in very less time. One of the major things that played a great role in the success of such business owners is the application of right Vastu Shastra.