The Sun as a Temple of Planets: IvaIndia


The Sun was venerated in old times as Phoebus, Apollo, Sol, Helios in the Greek customs. Being the child of Jupiter and Letona and the sibling of Diana, he was conceived on the island of Delos and was in some cases called by that name as well. In spite of the fact that he was viewed as the lord of prophetic shrewdness, he additionally exceeded expectations at music and execution and offered fulfillment to alternate divine beings through his lyre playing. Apollo likewise demonstrated his awesome aptitude at bows and arrows and running and is viewed as the champ of the primary Olympiad. In a few examples his unfeeling nature is portrayed as blazing. He could shoot bolts of flame to vanquish his adversaries. Continue reading


Symbol : Thunder
Relation in family : Eldest son
Direction : East
Element : Wood
Colour : Green
Season : Spring
Part of body : Leg, throat
Disease : Hysteria, Contortion, Shivering
Number : 3
Eastern place is the place of active energy. It’s symbol is thunder and season is spring. Here energy is sharp and active. Element of this direction is wood. Continue reading

IvaIndia: KUN SIGN


Symbol                         :     Earth

Relation in family          :     Mother, Wife (elderly woman)

Direction                       :     South West

Element                        :     Earth

Colour                          :     Brown/Yellow

Season                         :     Four Seasons

Part of body                  :     Stomach

Disease                        :     Related to digestion/reproduction

Number                        :     2

Symbol of this direction is Earth. This direction denotes relations with others. Continue reading

IvaIndia: TAI CHI

Symbol : Earth
Relation in family : –
Direction : Centre
Element : Earth
Colour : Brown/Yellow
Season : Four seasons or Mixed season
Part of body : –
Disease : –
Number : 5
In Japan navel is called Hara and it is regarded as the centre of life power. It is also regarded as the centre of life power. It is also accepted as the centre of gravity. Similarly, Continue reading

IvaIndia: SUN SIGN


Symbol                         :     Wind

Relation in family          :     Eldest daughter

Direction                       :     South-East

Element                        :     Wood

Colour                          :     Green

Season                         :     Spring

Part of body                  :     Thighs/buttocks

Disease                        :     Cold/Rhumatism

Number                        :     4

South-Eastern place has comparatively less energy than Eastern place. The symbol of this area is wind, which represents wealth. Element of this place is wood and its colour is green. Continue reading

IvaIndia: TUI SIGN


        Symbol                         :     Lake

Relation in family          :     Youngest daughter (Little girl)

Direction                       :     West

Element                        :     Metal

Colour                          :     Golden, beautiful, white

Season                         :     Autumn

Part of body                  :     Mouth, Teeth, Chest

Disease                        :     Disorders pertaining to mouth and chest

Number                        :     7

The energy of Western part is slow and stable or somewhat less active. This is a symbol of rearing old harvests, relaxing after hard work. This is the time of celebrating because now one is relaxed and free from tensions. Wealth and property are associated with energy of this direction. Continue reading