People born in the Pausha Month

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Every person is curious about knowing about themselves. People are eager to know about themselves in many ways. But the best way to know about yourself is Astrology. Astrology is the only system and method through which one can know about themselves in much better ways. Every person has their own Astrology and Horoscope through which he can get to know themselves in a detailed manner.
But have ever thought that the nature and personality of the person are dependent on the month and the season in which he or she is born.
According to the season and the name of the month, there are various Astrological months as well. In these seasons one of the most important seasons in Pausha month.

What is Pausha Month?

The Pausha month comes between December and January according to the Western Calendar. Pausha month starts from the first day after no moon to no moon. The moon lies in the Pushya constellation on full moon night during this month. Pausha month is the December-January month as per the Western calendar.  Poush Month is the tenth month in a traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India.
Paush Month 2019 – 2020 begins on December 12, 2019, and ends on January 10, 2020. This calendar is followed mainly in Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Haryana, Bihar, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, and other North Indian states. A month in these regions is calculated from the day after Purnima or full moon to the next Purnima.

People Born in Pausha Month

Pausha is a unique month. It is considered both the most auspicious month and also inauspicious. People who are born in Pausha month are colorful, devoted to father and earns a good name.
As it is clear that people born in Pausha month are born in December and January. Let’s have a look at how these people are.

  • According to the Western Astrology people born in Pausha month are Sagittarius and Capricorn.
  • December born people are most probably are left-handed especially boys.
  • December born people are honest, fair and soft by their nature.
  • They can be a good support system as they have a supporting nature.
  • They are fortunate enough to get the best in their life.
  • These people are highly organized and manage things tactfully.
  • Owing to their charismatic personalities, January borns are often an inspiration to others.
  • Due to their influential personality, they are often the center of attention, making people want to be in their shoes.
  • Kids with birthdays in January often end up being a little bit older than the rest of their classmates, which gives them an advantage in school athletics.
  • People who are born in January are creative problem-solvers.

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Effective Tips Helpful in Learning Astrology Online Course

What is the reason behind this that astrology is not a cake of pie for a common man? Astrology is not for common man this is not a true statement as nothing is impossible in this world. This is only a mental conception of human mind that this thing is complicated or this not. If any topic or subject is very complicated or complex to learn and to make it easy one should give their best in that stream or subject. If for same thing one should go for learning in institute of Vedic astrology, where their faculties are providing the best quality teachings regarding sun, moon, stars, etc.

The study of sun, moon, and positions of the planets all are covered in the branch of science called astrology. This branch of study is not so easy to learn and get proficiency in it. So to get proper knowledge about this field we are going to share few effective tips for the learning of astrology, they are as follows-

  • Go deeper and deeper: As you heard about it that on this topic of astrology you are not going to learn too much in class room teachings, but if you are going to search this topic or subject on internet you feel that there is too much to learn in this subject of astrology.
  • Importance of birth chart: To easily get the proficiency of the birth chart one can learn how to effectively use it for calculating the position of the stars, moon, etc. and helps them to tell the future of that person.
  • Repeated cycles of positioning: this thing is very important to learn the position of the planets, stars, etc., in the horoscope of any person through deep analysis of these things one should come to this conclusion that what will next going to happen with that person.

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Courses Offered by Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore

India is the land of origin of many things like cultures, teachings, study of plants and many more. It is not only a country in fact it is better to say that India is a treasury of many things. Just to follow this tradition, Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore will take few steps to spread the teachings and study of our ancestors. For providing better services to their students, they started plenty of courses. So that people get all the interested field of study at one place and for the sake of their national, international students whether they are working or not, they also provide the facility of the online and offline study mode.

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There are plenty of courses offered by institute of Vedic Astrology, to fulfill the needs of the students by providing them wide range of courses for learning new skills. Those courses are as follows-

# Palmistry: Palmistry is none other than reading of the lines of your palm which tells about your personality, upcoming future and many more other things. The lines which are present on your palm will tell about your personality traits, related things and many more.

# Astrology: Astrology is the stream of science where we study about sun, moon, and position of the planets. In this field they prepare the chart of these things and then calculate the nearby things which will come to your life. Most of the time, it is used for future telling.

#   Vedic Vastu: Vedic vastu stands for ancient study of architecture of the building, the directions of the window, doors, etc. In this stream, Indian vedic is the ancient one and teach most the places across the globe.

# Tarot card reading: It is one of the learning stream which works through another track. This field is handled through the reading of the cards. These cards are not normal one they are specially designed with some type of pictures. Every card has its own unique meaning related with mentioned picture.

They have many other courses related to our ancient studies and culture; they are like numerology, gems and crystal, Feng Shui, and many more. There are many other astrology courses are also taught and offered to students along with the national and international certifications for the course completion. There are many other benefits also connected with these courses which are offered in this institute.

Learn Numerology with Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore

Numerology is a science that determines the relationship between numerous planets and us. The power of numerology is such that it can tell the effect of planets on us. Numerology is not a new concept to us. It has been around us in India since many years. Interested individuals can easily learn numerology with Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore and start their career as a successful numerologist. Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore has hired professional numerology trainers with immense knowledge in this subject. Trainers of Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore can help you learn numerology in the most profound method.

With the advancement of technology, you can now learn numerology online with Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore. There are many factors related with the numerology which is discussed below:

Motivation Numbers: You may not be aware of your desire and wishes in your life. Motivation numbers are the numbers that can let you know about these factors easily and help you act accordingly. One can easily calculate their motivation numbers just by adding all the vowels in the spelling of the name of a person.

Expression Number: It has been seen that many times people fail to make right decisions in their life, which they regret later. Many individuals could have got into right profession and may have reached good position in their life if they would have understood their aim in life and have taken the right decision at right time. Expression number is also an important factor in numerology. The power of expression number is such that it can reveal the mission or the goal of your life. Expression number can help you take the right path in your life.

Persona Number: Just as the name sounds, persona numbers reflects one’s personalities. Persona numbers defines how you actually are. It can help you get the true picture of yourself.

Psychic Number: Psychic number can let you find a perfect match for you. It can help you find marriage compatibility, wishes, desires, friendship and so forth.

Numerology is a center of attention for people. Learn numerology with Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore and uplift your career as a numerologist. There would be no use to learn numerology from bogus institutes. Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore is the renounced name in the field of providing training in Numerology, Astrology, Palmistry, Vastu Shastra and varied subjects.

How to Become a Professional Astrologer in Quick Time?

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Are you interested in learning about star, moon, planets and their positioning? If yes, then there is pleasant news for you that even you can build your career in the field of astrology. If you really think that learning astrology is difficult then you are wrong. Anyone can learn astrology without any worry in a very short span of time. It depends on your time management how effectively you want to learn this course for any sort of purpose. Either it might be your passion or for earning, only a better understanding will offer you a quality of information and knowledge.

How one can practice of this new learning of astrology?

If you are a beginner, there are plenty of things which one can do after completing the course of astrology they are as follows like you can as a part time start telling the future, helping others by telling them their future, their upcoming life, and many other type of help. So for this type of work, one can either start from home or rent a small room, store for doing their practice, OR one can start it from their home it might be easy to start within the friend circle and relatives, family so that you get a bit of confidence. Another way to practice your astrology skill online, where you can suggests your astrology suggestion to your online customers. Since internet opens the great ways to learning and earning both.  All you need to do is finding out that which skill is good for you and how do you marketwise it properly.

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Most of the people are cursive to know that how one can learn all these things related with moon, stars, positioning in our life and all upcoming accidents. In some especial case, astrology is considered to be one of the self-help tools. Learning astrology is all about is a totally fun element which add something new in your life. But this field really demands full time concentration as well as a lot of practice hours in real time environment.

There is no doubt in it, that if you are willing to learn astrology you have to put all your extra efforts. The best place in India to learn Vedic astrology, go for institute of vedic astrology reviews.

Learn Astrology Lessons Online with IVA

Although the science of astrology has undergone a lot of changes throughout the history, it is still considered as one of the most important part of every individual’s everyday life. The term “Science of Astrology” is sufficiently enough to raise the eyebrows of numerous critics. However, astrology is really a science to us. As other modern scientific researches, astrology has made its numerous years of journey of observations and researches on astronomical and mathematical calculations. Above all and most importantly, astrology is older than many more scientific discoveries.

If you are an astrology enthusiast and however, owing to some personal circumstances, you are not being able to spare some time out of your busy schedule to learn astrology, then there is good news for you. Learning astrology is no longer a daunting task for any individuals. Everything has gone online. Why ‘NO’ to astrology lessons online? If you can take a college course online, then you can absolute take astrology lessons online. No matter, whatever your basic qualification is or whatever business you are in, you can learn astrology lessons online with Institute of Vedic Astrology. Even home makers, retired individuals, housewives etc. anyone can enroll themselves with Institute of Vedic Astrology to take astrology lessons online. We, Institute of Vedic Astrology, are the leading training provider of astrology lessons online. Institute of Vedic Astrology is known for providing exceptional quality training with plethora of resources and guidance to provide you with the best astrology lessons online.


Taking astrology lessons online can be the best solution for any individual who remain quite busy with other activities in their life. Astrology lessons online can also be best if you want to get serious about your learning or learn more advanced techniques. Our expert trainers would be available for you to clear all your doubts whenever you need them.

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5 Effective Strategies to Learn Astrology Online

For a common man Astrology, palm reading like things are seems to being complicated and mysterious.  Things are simply out of the reach from a common man’s mind. They already made their mental conception that these types of things are very difficult to learn and understand it properly. In these types of subjects, you have to give your 200 % to get perfection as they are quite difficult to learn. But to make such things simpler there are lot of stuff available on the internet such as online courses like learn astrology online and much more.

In these types of learnings they will cover each and everything of the universe including zodiac signs, planets and their houses and many other aspects in the vibration of the universe. But with the help of these types of sources one can easily learn all the principles of astrology without going anywhere.

Effective tips:

  1. A tightly interconnected system: Planets those are working in favor of you, birth chart and zodiac signs all are work similarly. In the beginning, everyone knows that there is not too much to learn about this topic. If you gone through internet searches you will get that the there are plenty of online courses are available on the internet through which you get complete learning of astrology. One can easily find the related stuff and also helps of you in learning these things in a more effective manner. Fairly, there are many courses available at Institute of Vedic Astrology to learn astrology online in a more effective manner.
  2. Learn the language of Astrology: The planets and the energetic connections they make punctuate the meanings of the zodiac signs as they are placed in your chart. Planets are nouns, the people, places and things in your life. Aspects are like verbs, the action words. Zodiac signs are like adjectives, they color the action of the planets their particular signature.
  3. What planets say about your personality: Your horoscope will totally depend upon your sun signs and birth chart. However, all these planets of the solar system want to tell you something specific about your nature and personality.
  4. Repeating cycles: The repeating cycles represents the repeating nature of life cycles. Such type of cycles will represent the unending cycle of birth and end. With the help of learn astrology online course will tell of how your planets work in this life cycle.
  5. Importance of zodiac signs: Each of the houses of the planet represents a specific function in life. Each of the zodiac signs colors that function with their own signature. Each of the planets has their own cycle too. Interpretative work is based on the repeating cycles of the planets and how they relate to the planets in your chart in what we call aspects.

These are the top 5 effective tips to learn astrology online in short time duration. If you want to learn astrology online, check Institute of Vedic Astrology reviews today at Facebook or YouTube.