Uses of Vedic Astrology in Daily Life

Since ancient times the Vedic astrology has been used in daily life. During the periods of kings and Emperors Astrologers were respected and were given honorable post in their courts. They gave information to Emperors about their work as well as life. According to horoscope and study of planets they gave advice to kings and emperors. Astrologers also help them in their monarchy. They gave their opinion to change their policies related to royal system. We may say dynasty of Kings and Emperors and their life depends upon an Astrologer.

The Indian Astrology has an important role in our life. As it has been used since ancient times plays an important role in daily life of pastro01eoples. Now a day it is also useful for people. Everyone is curious to know about his life therefore the Indian Astrology helps and guide them in their life. By the study of planets Astrologers gives information to them. They can know about their happiness, sorrows and also about their present, past and future. Continue reading

Institute of Vedic Astrology, Indore



The month conveys additionally longing for flexibility to make what satisfies you. There is more dynamism, more innovation, and more resistance. For the current month is time of changes and modification, however just for a brief span. The home circumstance might experience minor changes. Your vocation circumstance might moved forward. This can be expert by the shrewd utilization of words while managing higher powers.


You feel more household and humane this month. At work, amicability and parity appear to be more important.This month is one in which you won’t need to stress especially over your wellspring of salary. Notwithstanding you need to share it, for the law of training suggests the need of taking in the injury of unselfishness and tolerating your obligations.


An improved feeling of the profound is available. Contemplation is all the more satisfying. Flawlessness might appear to be more vital, yet a longing to encounter liberated flexibility prevails.Be thankful for this change to consider things to be they are, for it gives you the chance to assess what does not exist when you are in an enthusiastic state of mind. Settle on the choice to study and let you field of study be boarded. Spiritualist studies ought to likewise draw in you amid this month.


Effectiveness, business discernment, regard, vision, family amicability, all are more proclaimed this month.This is a cycle in which you ought to expect the bearing of the considerable number of undertakings with which you are associated. All business arrangements ought to take after the examples that you plan, whether you are mogul or only a house wife who does the day by day showcasing.


There is more clarity of vision in regards to your inward knowingness and the welfare of mankind. There is more imaginative drive and more idealism.This is a fabulousness month in the event that you utilize its numerical vibration for the right reason, and that is to dispose of old propensities for thought and activity that are stopping your advancement. Keep in correspondence with individual who are far away, as this might lead a startling open door.


There will be new thoughts, maybe a fresh start in the administration of a group.This is great month for new business undertaking, new affiliation and new thoughts. You ought to focus on purchasing and offering, promoting and innovative work for benefit. Number 1 gives the opening of new cycles. You might expect new kinship which might demonstrate a wellspring of joy to you.


You are more delicate this month, particularly to the condition of humanity.This is the month of co-operation instead of to begin any new tasks. Yours will be the part of go between and the new to accommodate the individuals who have fought. Keep your temper at an even level . A fellowship might bloom into a sentiment or might transform into a prosperous coordinated effort.


This is a more innovative month with more idealism for the course you are going.Be cautious not a waste your cash , as an allurement to play possibly exceptionally solid. As a pioneer of your gathering you might end up in incredible distinction.


Hope to work harder this month and give careful consideration to the points of interest of your obligations identified with associations or agreeable projects.You need to buckle down and after that file achievement in this month. This is the month of sparing and working up for future.

How to learn FengShui, Numerology and Palmistry online?

The human is surviving in a stressful lifestyle and he needs to make friends rather than enemies. It becomes very vital to harmonize the environment and keep negativity away from life. Feng Shui is a Chinese system in which natives used to master so that they can make their surroundings peaceful and friendly. A common man without its knowledge could not access the Feng Shui scale.

There is a particular art of study which you have to conduct and get a certificate in order to become a Feng Shui master in life. Nowadays FengShui online course is gaining a fengshui-d943cbig popularity platform as it offers worldwide accessibility from the individual operating system, allow anyone to be a part of it by gaining the admission on the submission of fee. On the other hand, online course gives opportunity to practice online side by side for free at amateur level and then later one can acquire it as a career.

The bad evils, assets and dwelling structure are understood by its expert by reading the Feng Shui scale. Its reading is mainly in Chinese language, but now as it is globally accepted that is why the literature is available in the universal languages also.

Gain immense knowledge about numerology

The date of  birth, time and day on which you were born are used for gaining the knowledge about luck yo1363968556_numerology-onlineu possess and what will happen in the coming days. Numerology is the department which looks after the predictions upon the channeling positioning of the numbers. However, nowadays numerology online courses are in demand because in society its need is augmenting. Businessmen, home makers and even the service class people want to know how they will grow in near future after investments. In fact people work and invest money according to the dates of a month which are selected by the numerologist so that there should be only profits in the bag than any lose. Contact Iva India today!

What do you know about palmistry?

In the Indian astrology department another very traditional and the oldest form of future prediction is the palmistry. There was a time when its masters used to sit under the huge tree and keep a heavy lens to analyze the minute lines scratched by the god naturally in hands. As of now, palmistry online courses are running successfully as more and more people are curious to know about their very next forecast. Some want to know about the entire year and few believe in palmistry to know what will be next gender of the baby?


Learn Astrology Online : Curse of Father

Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore is a premier institute that offers Post Graduate Diploma in Vedic Indian Astrology through online and correspondence course. As per the expert Astrologer if Sun is situated in its debilitated sign in fifth house and between malefic planets then native has harm of children due to curse of father.astrology

          If Sun is situated in fifth house between malefic planets and malefic planets are situated in trine and are seen by other malefic planets then native has harm of children due to curse of father.

          If Jupiter is situated in zodiac sign of Sun i.e. Leo and lord of fifth house is situated with Sun and malefic planets are situated in ascendant and fifth house then native has harm of children due to curse of father.

          If lord of ascendant is weak and is sitaued in fifth house and lord of fifth house is situated with Sun and malefic planets are presentastrological-clock in ascendant then native has harm of children due to curse of father.

          If lord of tenth house is situated in fifth house and lord of fifth house is situated in tenth house and malefic planets are present in fifth house then native has harm of children due to curse of father.

Thus to learn and apply Vedic Astrology online you can follow the above tips.

Learn Feng Shui Online Series : The Nine Areas

(A)   On the basis of priority list as per Feng Shui, if there is a problem in the water area then it calls for improvement in North direction from the center. Water is also the symbol of this place. Following are the requirements of this place as given by Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore in our online Feng Shui course:

  1. There can be aquariums and fountains.
  2. There can be paintings of water such as sea, river, pond etc.feng-shui-to-soulmate-success
  3. Color should be black or dark blue.
  4. Articles of the shape of water element.
  5. There can be glass articles.
  6. Water element is a product of metal element, hence articles of the shape and colour of metal can also be kept.
  7. For the colour of water element bulbs and curtains can be used.
  8. Colour of articles can also be of water element.

Following are prohibited in this place

  1. There should be no fire element.
  2. Articles conforming to the color and shape of Earth element should not be there.
  3. Brown, yellow colors should not be used.
  4. There should not be articles of clay, porcelain, stone, cotton or wool in this place.
  5. No long or flat shapes are permitted here.
  6. Curtains or articles of red or purple should not be used.
  7. Furnitufengshuire or articles of triangular shape should be used.


Online Learn Vedic Astrology : Benefic and Malefic Planets in Sagittarius and Capricorn Ascendants

To learn Indian Vedic Astrology online we at Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore one of the best training institute in Astrology correspondence courses and online courses have noted various causative and uncausative planets for various ascendants. Causative planets give good results while uncausative stops good results and give bad and undesired results. Let us find details for Sagittarius and Capricorn ascendants.

Sagittarius Ascejyotisha-wheelndant

  1. Causative Planet

In Sagittarius ascendant, Sun and Mars are the most causative planet because they are respectively the lords of ninth and fifth houses.

  1. Uncausative Planet

In Sagittarius ascendant, Venus, Mercury and Saturn are uncausative planets.

  1. Neutral Planet

In Sagittarius ascendant Moon and Jupiter are neutral planets.

Capricorn Ascendant

  1. Causative Planet

In Capricorn ascendant, Venus is the most causative planet because it is the lord of fifth and tenth houses. Mercury and Saturn are also causative planets.

  1. Uncausative Planet

          In Capricorn ascendant Moon and Jupiter are uncausative planets.

  1. Neutral Planet

          In Capricorn ascendant Sun is neutral planet.

Learn Indian Astrology Online : Aquarius and Pisces Ascendants – Causative and Uncausative Planets

The Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore is one of the best training institute that provides training through online and through correspondence of Astrology, Vastu, Feng Shui, Numerology, Gems and Crystal Therapy, Tarot Card Reading and Palmistry courses. To make learning of Indian Vedic Astrology easy and interesting our Astrology experts have discussed theory of causative and uncausative planets based on various ascendants. Let us find details for Aquarius and Pisces ascendants.

Aquarius Ascendantastro1

  1. Causative Planet

     In Aquarius ascendant, Venus is the most causative planet because it is the lord of ninth and fourth houses. Sun, Mars and Saturn are also causative planets.

  1. Uncausative Planet

         In Aquarius ascendant Moon is uncausative planet as it is the lord of sixth house. Jupiter is also uncausative being the lord of eleventh and second houses..

  1. Neutral Planet

  In Aquarius ascendant Mercury is neutral planet.astrology

Pisces Ascendant

  1. Causative Planet

          In Pisces ascendant, Moon is the most causative planet because it is the lord of fifth house. Mars is also causative planet as it is the lord of ninth house.

  1. Uncausative Planet

            In Pisces ascendant Sun, Venus and Saturn are uncausative planets.     

      c.       Neutral Planet

           In Pisces ascendant Jupiter is neutral planet.