Lunar Grahan Puja (7 August 2017)

Lunar Eclipse Defect Peace Worship

August 7, 2017 (Monday)

Grahan Puja Procedure


Lunar Eclipse will occur on Shravan month, Bright half (Shukla Paksha) on Full Moon night (Purnima) Monday 7th August 2017 on Shravan Constellation and Capricorn Zodiac Sign. Those who have solar eclipse or lunar eclipse yoga in their horoscope can do Shanti Puja on this occasion. The Sutak (condition in which ritual purity has been reset) of Lunar eclipse will take place on Monday afternoon from 13:49. Place Tulsi leaves and Kusha in food material and drinking water pot. Avoid eting during this time. Keep Puja Room closed from Sutak time. After the completion of eclipse, clean the kitchen and puja after taking bath.

The lunar eclipse will start at Indore at 22.42 (night 10.42) and will complete at midnight 12.49. Jap has a very significant effect in this eclipse period. Doing mantra jaap during this time will yield 24 lakh times (1 Purushcharana) result of Japa. Doing this on the banks of river is very auspicious, but if this is not possible then chanting can also be done in the house.

People who have Solar Eclipse in their horoscope should do the chanting using red sandalwood beads (mala) while people who have Lunar Eclipse yoga in their horoscope should do the chanting using Pearl beads. Sit on the Kush aasan while doing chanting. Take bath immediately after completion of eclipse.

Moon Mantra – Om Som Somay Namah (Mantra Jap – 11000)

Sun mantra – Om Grhni Suryay Namah (Mantra Jap – 7000)

If it is not possible for a person to chant so much mantra then two or more people from his/her family or Pandit can chant for that person additionally. If Chanting is doing by Pandit ji on the person’s behalf, then Panditji should be given asana and mala before the Sutak of Grahan. Panditji’s Dakshina also to be given after taking bath next day morning.

Please see the morning newspaper in your city for accurate information about time in your city.

Eclipse is not good for Unmarried and pregnant women

Lunar eclipse is not good for unmarried boys and girls and pregnant women. It should not be seen. Pregnant Women should stay in a room where the shadow of the eclipse is not seen. The window should be closed and heavy curtains should be placed in it. Pregnant women should also keep a coconut with them during the eclipse time so that the negative energy emitted from the atmosphere will not affect them.

Avoid doing following during the Eclipse

  • Do not use scissors
  • do not pluck flowers
  • do not clean hair or clothes
  • do not brush
  • do not milk buffalo
  • do not eat food
  • do not use harsh words
  • Do not travel
  • sleeping is also not recommended during the eclipse time

Submitted by: Institute of Vedic Astrology

इस लेख को हिंदी में पड़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे | इस दिन राखी के शुभ मुहूर्त जानने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे | To read article on Rakhi in English Click Here.

Institute of Vedic Astrology

Sagittarius Zodiac And Its Properties | Institute of Vedic Astrology | IVAINDIA



Sagittarius Symbol

In the zodiac cycle this is the 9th zodiac. Its symbol is a man with a bow in his

hand and lower part of his body is that of a horse.

Sagittarius Place

Sagittarius’s place is King’s court or a stable.

Sagittarius Caste

Kshatriya people no doubt give courage to face difficulties but it also gives anger

and cruelty. Cruelty is also an inseparable part of their nature. Kshatriya has been

assigned the task of fighting, killing the enemies, capturing and pulling them behind the

bars are acts of cruelty, but are quite natural for them.

Sagittarius Element

Fire element gives its brightness to the natives. These natives are famous in their

fields. They attain heights due to their hard work, spirit and enthusiasm.

Sagittarius Gender

Sagittarius is a masculine zodiac. Because of this these natives are short-

tempered. They lose their cool at slightest pretext.

Sagittarius Stability

Sagittarius zodiac is bi-natured. That is why the natives are in double minds. The

native is either not clear in taking decisions or take very long time in coming to

conclusion. Even after arriving at final decision the native is not sure about it and is in a


Sagittarius Parts of body and Diseases

Skin related problems are common to these natives. Woman natives’ longevity is

comparatively short. She might get burnt accidently. At times a female native may die

unnatural death. Stomach disorders too are common.

Sagittarius Area of work

Their first choice is service. Because of their personality, enthusiasm, physique

they get preference in private, public sector or government jobs. Police, defense,

administrative posts are their other favorites. Wherever you so you will find Sagittarians

occupying lower, middle and high posts in various department and organizations. They

take interest in science, astrology, engineering, music, acting also.



Sagittarius Nature

Sagittarius is aggressive by nature. In any situation they strike first without thinking of

the circumstances they suddenly attack. That is why at times they are beaten. In ordinary

dispute, they get so excited that it becomes major issue. But they are wise too. Due to their

brilliance they can found in many areas. Their advice is taken seriously by others because it is

invariably advantageous. They take quick decision and start working. They never accept

defeat and have several qualities.

They wish well for everyone and give their advice without any selfish motive.

Sometimes they get confused and while doing anything positive also. Some trace of

confusion persists, but they do not stop and continue to march ahead.

Their activities sometimes are neither auspicious nor in auspicious. Whatever is to be

done, they start it personally and proceed methodically. They rise in life step try step.

They are self-dependent and self conscious. They keep an eye on something new to

enhance their income.

They are charitable, rich and reputed in the society.

There knowledge of all areas is perfect and they put it to proper use. Besides they do

not keep knowledge conceited in their mind. Instead they feel happy to enrich knowledge of other people also. Many natives of this zodiac are known for their wit and intellect.

They give charity with open palm. If they see a person in need of something, they do not hesitate to provide him that. Charity never empties your cotters. On the contrary money keeps tricking into it. They help poor students by giving them books or paying their school of fees. Little wonder therefore, that people willingly have regard for such natives.

Women natives of this zodiac do not live long due to various ailments. These natives often display carelessness in money matters. Partnership in any business does not prove profitable to them. In the industrial area also they are not much successful. They start with limited resources, money and time e.g. seasonal business like agriculture related business involving seeds, instruments, manures, pesticides etc.

These items require less capital but yields better profit.Natives of this zodiac are very fond of horse riding. They take interest in horse trading and stud farming. Riding tongs, Business or simply horse riding is their hobby.

Family life of these natives happy and contented. All the family members love peacefully. Their sons are obedient. They can be aggressive also but most of them end up as scholars and intellectuals. Those who are in service are generally greedy. They look for ways to make illegal money and luck also favors them. They do make money in business but earn more in service by way of money and prestige. They adopt immoral means to gain promotion or money.

Woman native may become a widow, but due to aggressive nature she does not loose

courage. These ladies can hold high administrative posts. They take interest in public service. She is able to take right decision due to her keen intellect. She can also rise to become a

judge of high court.

There may be occasion when a native of this zodiac may be demoted owing to

aggressiveness. They cannot help giving too much advice to people. In so doing they lose

their track and degradation starts. However, they are born tough and face the situation




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Sixth House in Astrology – The Causative of Disease

To learn the causes of disease in Vedic and Indian Astrology, the Sixth house is the house of disease. Evil planets give better results in sixth house however beneficial planets cause gradual diseases. House seen by auspicious planet increases positive results but the same house increases the disease if influenced by evil planet.

Sixth House in Astrology  (1)Only powerful planets present in this house are capable in curing the emergence of diseases not the weak ones. For example, horoscope of various people in which Mars was situated in sixth house in cancer sign makes them healthy, daring and self dependent.

In the Online Astrology correspondence Classes and courses conducted by Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore various diseases caused due to evil or auspicious influence in different zodiac signs are as follows.

Aries Zodiac sign causes Pitta and stomach related diseases. Taurus Zodiac sign causes Tri-dosha disease, impotence and burning disease.Planets and space. Gemini Zodiac sign causes Asthma, breathing problem, over excitement. Cancer Zodiac sign causes Madness, Insanity, and Lack of interest. Leo Zodiac sign causes Fever, Headache, nervous disorders. Virgo Zodiac sign causes Sex related disease. Libra Zodiac sign causes Fever, leukemia, weakness. Scorpio Zodiac sign causes Disease related to liver or gall bladder.Sagittarius Zodiac sign causes injury in legs and back. Capricorn Zodiac sign causes Stomach pain, appendicitis, lack of appetite. Aquarius Zodiac sign causes Cough, Fever, influenza and Pisces Zodiac sign causes Cough and cold.

This article was written by expert Astrologer at Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore that is a leading Astrology training institute.

Horoscope – A Map of Universe

Our Universe is very vast and earth is the active member of it. The head of the universe is sun. All the planets and satellites revolve round the sun. Like sun there are numerous stars which revolve in the universe. According to ancient astrologers there are 27 stars, 12 zodiac, and 9 planets presents in the universe.

In Vedic Astrology to know the horoscope knowledge of stars, planets and zodiac is necessary. On the basis of these stars and position of planets in the zodiac astrologers shows horoscope of any person. It is also necessary for them to know time at the birth, date and day, as well as place where he is born. Astrologers zodiacmake the birth chart of any native on knowing time of birth and position of planets in the universe.

In Indian Astrology the whole universe is divided into a circle of 3600 and if it is divided into 12 parts then each part will be of 300.In this way each part of this 300 is known as galaxy. All these 12 zodiacs are originated through this galaxy. When the stars of the galaxy are joined by imaginary line then they take the shape, like lion, scorpion, sheep, Pisces and so on. In this way all these 12 zodiacs which are originated from galaxy are to be given a symbolic name. From Aeries to Pisces each sign has its symbolic name.

Similarly in the universe this circle of 3600 is divided into 12 parts then each part is of 30 degree is said to be house. Therefore in Indian astrology these 12 houses are also important for these 12 signs. These 12 houses remain always same they have no changes. Only the position of zodiac changes in these houses.

In this way in 24 hours all these 12 zodiacs revolves in galaxy from east to west axis. At the time of the birth the zodiac which rises on the east axis is called first houseimages or Lagna. Each Lagna is only for two hours. In the horoscope of each native zodiac change in the first house or Lagna. In this way in 24 hours all these 12 zodiacs becomes ascendant for only 2 hours.

All these 12 zodiacs are placed in these twelve houses after knowing the position of zodiac in Lagna. In this way after establishing these 12 zodiacs in these 12 houses and knowing about the position of sun, moon and stars in each sign astrologers makes the horoscope of native.

Thus we may say that a horoscope is based on the universe, galaxy and numerous stars and planets found in it.

Selection of Name on the Basis of the Vedic Astrology

According to Vedic Astrology natives name is to be selected on the basis of stars and their phases. In Astrology there are 27 stars or . These stars are stable. One star in the universe is a part of 360 \27. It Nakshatrameans the value of one star is equal to 13 0 and 20 kala. As we know that 10is equal to 60 Kala.    

A natives name is to be selected on the basis of the presence of moon in nakshatras, during the time of the birth. His name is to be selected according to the position of star. Each star has four phases. Name of child is to be given according to phases of star. The phase in which he is born will be the first letter of his name.

The name of these 23 stars with their phase and letters of name are given as below—

BirthStar ——————1——————-2———————3————————4



Kratika——————– a———————–ee——————–u———————ai

























A child is to be identified by his name everywhere. He is recognized by his name in school and colleges. Therefore it is necessary to have a name since birth. A right name is to be given a child since after birth. So it is necessary to have right time of birth, a place of birth, date of birth and presence of moon in nakshatras during the time of birth. Name is to be given by the letter of four phases of nakshatras.

Thus it may be said how nakshatras plays important role in the selection of name for a child after birth.

The Water Personality

Out of 9 principal personalities the first one belongs to water element. Kan is the symbol of this personality. The element is water which represents North direction. The trigram (set of three lines) of this perfengshuisonality consists of one yang line and two yin lines. In this trigram the yang line is surrounded by two yin lines on both the sides. Thus this personality has hidden capabilities and powers. Outer appearance is not fully as seen in these personality people. People of this personality do not present their ability to public very soon. The family member representing water element is middle son. These thoughts were given by Feng Shui expert at the Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore.


As per the Feng Shui expert Water element people are peaceful, sweet and are like water that flows slowly. They have clean and pure thought. Water’s nature comes in sweet melodies that correspond to lakes and waterfalls while it also represents calmness of ponds and sea. The major characteristic of water element is incessant i.e. continuous flow. A River always flows towards its destination i.e. sea.

Water has movement in its nature and as soon as it gets a slope it starts flowing to the lower area therefore its flow should not be stopped. To store it, containers and tanks are required. Similarly water Waternatured people should also be contained in a direction to give meaning to their life. These people have a creativity that is seen in artists, writers, painters and creative people. They are highly emotional and sensitive and are deep thinkers. They are like the deepness of water. They are good in logic, so they can be good advocates as well as a good orator in family and society. They listen to reasoning of various parties and are able to take logical and correct decisions. Most of the time their decisions are accepted by all parties. They have good listening capabilities due to which they develop accomplished writing abilities.

Negative aspect of their nature is that sometimes they give undue importance to themselves than to anybody else. They become self-centered and are dependant in themselves, making them lonely. Running away from people and crowd makes them separated from others.