Learn Feng Shui and Vastu for Harmonious living

Learn Feng Shui and Learn Vedic Vastu

When a house wants to fulfill the basic needs in the structure and appearance, there are certain qualities that the house has to agree with certain agreements with Vastu. In some countries like China, Japan, Singapore, Hongkong, Malaysia, and many other Asian countries is pronounced as Feng-Shui believers. When you want the basics of the subjects, you can learn Feng Shui from some of the basic courses online and offline from the Institute of Vedic Astrology.

Make Your Entrance Pleasant

Some Feng Shui and Vastu lessons state that the main door is not only the entrance for you but it is the entrance for fortune, positivity, and abundance as well. Make them beautiful by greenery; infuse them with nice colors and fragrance. It is also good if you use some mild lights, plants, crystals, flags, and fountains.

The Functioning Of The Things

Make the entire thing in your home works properly like the doors and windows are opened and closed effortlessly, remotes have proper batteries and functioning properly, etc. when there are any improper functions in any system it is necessary to immediately change or repair them.

Have Bedroom Only For Relaxation

Your bedroom is the place for relaxation; do not use them for restlessness, mindlessness or exertion. Choose pleasant colors like baby pink, light blue, and off-white for your bedroom wall color. To learn more you can also choose the Vastu or Feng Shui course offered in the Institute of Vedic astrology, Indore.

Create Free Passage

Feng Shui is the element of wind and water. When they walk into your home it is important to have no restrictions for them. This implies that there is a right flow of energy and harmony in a home. Also, it is necessary to clean the window often and make them clean since it is the eye to the world to view.

There are several Vastu courses in some colleges like IVA Indore and you can choose them to be a master in the field as they are offering you online training and correspondence course in Feng Shui and Vedic Vastu

Vastu For Kitchen

Food is the basic requirement for a living being and the kitchen is the place where you cook food. As per Vastu South-East direction is the right place to construct them since it is the place for the fire God. When it comes to science, it is the place where infrared ray comes from east and ultraviolet ray comes from the south and harms some germs like bacteria, virus, etc. other option will be North-West since there will be good air circulation that is required for burning, Learn Vedic Vastu to know more.

Vastu For Bedroom

The bedroom should far away from the North and East direction, the closer to West or South is considered to have the best. Build your master bedroom in the Southwest or South area to have good harmony.

Vastu For Drawing Or Living Room

Based on the utility of the room it is preferred to build them in the mid-east or Midwest. If your house is North or North-West facing it is better to build them in Northwest or the North-East direction.

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