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Zodiac Signs | Cancer

Cancer zodiac is Fourth in the zodiac cycle. In the body its place is at heart. Its shape is like a Crab.


Place of this zodiac is at the sheres of water bodies like tank, river, ponds etc. This is an aquatic zodiac. Its color is white.


Native of Cancer is aquatic, lustful and grateful. He is more interested in astrology, mythology, archeology etc. Once this native decides to do a thing, he does it. His life is not misform. He has tremendous thinking power and nature is restless. These natives like to live peacefully with others. Their anger subsides very quickly.
The Cancer native like journey through rivers, oceans, lakes by boats, steamers etc. They are troubling with zeal and feel contented when their hobbies are fulfilled. Such people do anything as per rules and regulations. They come forward to help people in difficulty especially the women. They are ideal, emotional and honest. They are devotees to their families, friends, parents and country. Although they are peace loving, calm and benevolent, they at-times boil up, become irritating and devoid of thinking. At times driven by self interest they behave like in a persons.
From the view point of finance, they are quite well to do. Due to their sharp wisdom they are capable of amassing wealth. They tide over all problems and make money. These are no shortage of good ideas for them, but their favorite area is farming. Right from sowing seeds to harvesting, they work very hard and at the end get good result.
They like journeys by boats or other means of water transport. However, sometimes they are scares of water which causes stomach disorders. These natives are of jolly nature which makes them dear to friends, family members etc. They are concerned about others. They are ambitious and compassionate also and have considerate heart.
But they are suspicious also. Sometimes they become of unstable mind, and have to face discontent. Attimes they are scared of loss Suring journey.
If these natives help someone, then they leave no stone unturned in helping. Native of Cancer zodiac is well built, fair complexion and healthy. They are very punctual in doing things.
Natives of Cancer are high officials, connoisseurs, collectors of antique articles, professors. Because of their love for water, they prefer working as sailors. Their mind is imaginative and they are hard working.
Such natives are emotional and are able to realize pain of others. On some occasions they become very sentimental. People, near and dear start liking them. They are law abiding and affectionate and joins others in times of need.
They often go back to their childhood day. Sometimes they become philosophers. They are good at mimicry; are fun loving and of literary taste. Also they are traditionalists, understanding and theocratic. They are always careful.


Caste of this zodiac is Brahmin. Hence they are born scholars. He is worried about others. He is highly qualified and is held in high esteem by the society.


Cancer zodiac’s element is water. As such they are soft spoke. The live life like flow of water but is scared of what may happen in future. Like water this native has a quality of adapting as per circumstances.


Cancer is a feminine sign. Due to feminine nature, native has softness in their nature. Native’s are service driven and work to help others. They are quite sensitive by nature.


Cancer is unstable zodiac. That is why the natives do not stick to decision taken, or are fickle-minded.

Parts of body/Diseases

Lungs of these natives are bit weak. They may take to drugs and loose physical strength. Indigestion and vision problems are common in Cancer natives.
As they worry too much, some discomforts arise. They are popular amongst women and friends.


Most of the Cancer natives are connected to trade, commerce and industry related business. They are importers, explorers and commissions agents. They are also manufactures of various items which they sell. As industrialists they provide employment to many people.
For a native born in Cancer zodiac, business of items related to water are very advantageous like pearls, counches etc. In this section they make good fortune. They make proper use of money earned and despite wealth do not indulge in bad habits. They are well behaved, attractive and wise but not proudly.
They are masters of secret knowledge and excel in areas of astrology, mythology, medicine, engineering etc but are naturally suitable for business.

Learn Astrology Online – The Sixth house

In order to learn Vedic and Indian Astrology Online the first information related to houses should be known. Let us learn Indian astrology by discussing about the sixth house. Sixth house is termed as the house of enemies. Six house talks about problems that may arise in native’s life, which may cause tremendous stress to native. The biggest enemy of a person is debts. Whether native has lot of debts or loans than the quality of his life decreases and he is always worried about his debts. sun-in-6-houseMany a time’s many people inherit debts or loans of their ancestors.

Whether native asks any questions related to his loans then the six houses has to be studied answer that question. Whether native will be in debts throughout his life, or whether his loans will finish quickly as to be studied from the six house of the natives horoscope. In today’s world people have credit cards where purchases can be made and the payments has to be returned in the next billing cycle. This attraction 16lures many people and they spend more then what they could have done. It also leads to vicious cycle of debts and short-term loans.

As per the Astrology expert at Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore, a leading astrology training institute that conducts correspondence course in astrology due to many tensions and stress of life native may develop disease. Sixth house also denotes disease. What kind of disease will affect native. If a native is suffering from a disease whether he will be cured soon or will it take a lot of time and money to get cured, whether native will be hospitalized for long time are studied from six house of a native’s horoscope. Whether native will suffer from incurable disease can be known from the six house of his horoscope. Mental agitation is also studied through this house.

Learn Indian Astrology Online – First house

Number first is a starting point of anything. Number one has a lot of importance in Astrology because first house is believed to be the ancient. It is called as ascendant. Ascendant affects nature, behavior, looks, age and physical capabilities, thinking patterns, etc of a native. If we take Kaalpurush (the Divine Man) then first house bigwheelsunsignsbelongs to head. In general, full body comes under its influence. Due to its relation to mind it mainly affects a native thinking, brooding and lifestyle. A person’s thinking affects his personality. If a person always thinks negative or before starting any work he thinks that he cannot complete it then you will not be able to get the desired success and would not be able to finish the work with the same efficiency with which he could have done. Though he may be able to complete the same but due to negative thinking he could not do it. This self-confidence or lack of confidence is signified by first house.

Due to its relation with body it affects person’s looks, colour, and nature, strength, built up as well as on knowledge. First house affects person’s life from birth till death. Native’s health, immune system, leadership qualities, administrative qualities, etc. can be learnt from this house as per Indian Astrology.

A person’s color can be judged just by seeing the first house of his horoscope as per the Institute of Vedic Astrology, a leading Astrology and Vastu training institute situated at Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Native will be handsome or will not have good looks depends on first house. Notastrologyzodiakwheel_by_lostknightkgd27xw60 only looks the color that is fair or dark also depends on first house of native’s horoscope. Truly goodness depends on one’s nature thus whether a person is good and kind also depends on first house of horoscope. If physical and mental well-being is to be studied then it depends on the first house of the horoscope. Person’s capability, physical strength, power and built up studied through the first house of his horoscope. If a native is weak or does not have physical strength then same can be known from the first house of horoscope. These aspects of Indian Vedic Astrology can be learnt through Online and correspondence astrology courses conducted by Institute of Vedic Astrology, Indore.

Horoscope – A Map of Universe

Our Universe is very vast and earth is the active member of it. The head of the universe is sun. All the planets and satellites revolve round the sun. Like sun there are numerous stars which revolve in the universe. According to ancient astrologers there are 27 stars, 12 zodiac, and 9 planets presents in the universe.

In Vedic Astrology to know the horoscope knowledge of stars, planets and zodiac is necessary. On the basis of these stars and position of planets in the zodiac astrologers shows horoscope of any person. It is also necessary for them to know time at the birth, date and day, as well as place where he is born. Astrologers zodiacmake the birth chart of any native on knowing time of birth and position of planets in the universe.

In Indian Astrology the whole universe is divided into a circle of 3600 and if it is divided into 12 parts then each part will be of 300.In this way each part of this 300 is known as galaxy. All these 12 zodiacs are originated through this galaxy. When the stars of the galaxy are joined by imaginary line then they take the shape, like lion, scorpion, sheep, Pisces and so on. In this way all these 12 zodiacs which are originated from galaxy are to be given a symbolic name. From Aeries to Pisces each sign has its symbolic name.

Similarly in the universe this circle of 3600 is divided into 12 parts then each part is of 30 degree is said to be house. Therefore in Indian astrology these 12 houses are also important for these 12 signs. These 12 houses remain always same they have no changes. Only the position of zodiac changes in these houses.

In this way in 24 hours all these 12 zodiacs revolves in galaxy from east to west axis. At the time of the birth the zodiac which rises on the east axis is called first houseimages or Lagna. Each Lagna is only for two hours. In the horoscope of each native zodiac change in the first house or Lagna. In this way in 24 hours all these 12 zodiacs becomes ascendant for only 2 hours.

All these 12 zodiacs are placed in these twelve houses after knowing the position of zodiac in Lagna. In this way after establishing these 12 zodiacs in these 12 houses and knowing about the position of sun, moon and stars in each sign astrologers makes the horoscope of native.

Thus we may say that a horoscope is based on the universe, galaxy and numerous stars and planets found in it.