Institute of Vedic Astrology Helping Individuals to Learn Indian Astrology

In Hindi, astrology refers to “Jyotish”, which means a flame or torch. It is like a torch that shows the right path to any individuals. Hence, it implies that Jyotish i.e. astrology, shows the right path to the confused and lost individuals or to any other individual who looks for some direction in life.

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In India, astrology is never assumed to be a subject of fun or just a subject for making cash by forecasting the fortune of individuals. Instead, astrology has been always taken with lot of respect and the most talented and smart individuals were asked to learn astrology and practice it.

It is believed in India that astrology is just meant for smart individuals and if the individual is not smart then it is possible that he will flee from it or with the time he will wind up insightful.

Institute of Vedic Astrology is an initiative to help individuals learn free astrology. Indian crystal gazing is known for its rich tradition of learning and precise forecasts. There are thousands of books available in the Indian market to learn astrology. Be that as it may, there is no single book on astrology that would be useful for a student. Without clarifying the basic concept, the vast majority of the books on astrology specifically tell hundreds of the combinations or Yogas. The reader can remember them yet cannot learn the logic behind it. So he or she fails to learn astrology itself, except if by some grace of God or with the assistance of some trainer he comes to know the principles behind those Yogas.

The study materials offered by Institute of Vedic Astrology to help individuals learn free astrology online incorporate the fundamental, however, systematic presentation of astrological principles used in interpretation. The motive of providing such materials is to help individuals to learn free astrology online with ease. In the wake of reading and practicing on few charts, the candidate would be able to have the capacity to read the horoscope of everybody with great success. Obviously much more advanced study and experience will be required for the thorough knowledge in astrology.

If you are looking to learn astrology online, you are at the right place. With Institute of Vedic Astrology, you can learn astrology online with your comfort. Learn about horoscopes, Jyotish (Hindu Astrology) get free astrology lessons, astrology tutorials and much more with Institute of Vedic Astrology. Institute of Vedic Astrology is the World’s 1st platform to learn online Astrology, Vastu & Chinese 9 Star Ki and to get proficient and certified. Explore learning through scientific study with personalized support.

Effective Tips Helpful in Learning Astrology Online Course

What is the reason behind this that astrology is not a cake of pie for a common man? Astrology is not for common man this is not a true statement as nothing is impossible in this world. This is only a mental conception of human mind that this thing is complicated or this not. If any topic or subject is very complicated or complex to learn and to make it easy one should give their best in that stream or subject. If for same thing one should go for learning in institute of Vedic astrology, where their faculties are providing the best quality teachings regarding sun, moon, stars, etc.

The study of sun, moon, and positions of the planets all are covered in the branch of science called astrology. This branch of study is not so easy to learn and get proficiency in it. So to get proper knowledge about this field we are going to share few effective tips for the learning of astrology, they are as follows-

  • Go deeper and deeper: As you heard about it that on this topic of astrology you are not going to learn too much in class room teachings, but if you are going to search this topic or subject on internet you feel that there is too much to learn in this subject of astrology.
  • Importance of birth chart: To easily get the proficiency of the birth chart one can learn how to effectively use it for calculating the position of the stars, moon, etc. and helps them to tell the future of that person.
  • Repeated cycles of positioning: this thing is very important to learn the position of the planets, stars, etc., in the horoscope of any person through deep analysis of these things one should come to this conclusion that what will next going to happen with that person.

In the institute of Vedic astrology reviews about their offered courses one should find to that they are offering online astrology courses also along with their other courses like vastu, palm reading, numerology, etc.

This institute is renowned for providing quality education in the country on out of the box subjects. They are also capable in providing the offline as well as the online mode of learning with the complete kit of self-study material. The best course of this institute is the astrology online course. For proper satisfaction all you need to do is go through the Institute of Vedic astrology reviews.

Courses Offered by Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore

India is the land of origin of many things like cultures, teachings, study of plants and many more. It is not only a country in fact it is better to say that India is a treasury of many things. Just to follow this tradition, Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore will take few steps to spread the teachings and study of our ancestors. For providing better services to their students, they started plenty of courses. So that people get all the interested field of study at one place and for the sake of their national, international students whether they are working or not, they also provide the facility of the online and offline study mode.

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There are plenty of courses offered by institute of Vedic Astrology, to fulfill the needs of the students by providing them wide range of courses for learning new skills. Those courses are as follows-

# Palmistry: Palmistry is none other than reading of the lines of your palm which tells about your personality, upcoming future and many more other things. The lines which are present on your palm will tell about your personality traits, related things and many more.

# Astrology: Astrology is the stream of science where we study about sun, moon, and position of the planets. In this field they prepare the chart of these things and then calculate the nearby things which will come to your life. Most of the time, it is used for future telling.

#   Vedic Vastu: Vedic vastu stands for ancient study of architecture of the building, the directions of the window, doors, etc. In this stream, Indian vedic is the ancient one and teach most the places across the globe.

# Tarot card reading: It is one of the learning stream which works through another track. This field is handled through the reading of the cards. These cards are not normal one they are specially designed with some type of pictures. Every card has its own unique meaning related with mentioned picture.

They have many other courses related to our ancient studies and culture; they are like numerology, gems and crystal, Feng Shui, and many more. There are many other astrology courses are also taught and offered to students along with the national and international certifications for the course completion. There are many other benefits also connected with these courses which are offered in this institute.

Learn Numerology with Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore

Numerology is a science that determines the relationship between numerous planets and us. The power of numerology is such that it can tell the effect of planets on us. Numerology is not a new concept to us. It has been around us in India since many years. Interested individuals can easily learn numerology with Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore and start their career as a successful numerologist. Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore has hired professional numerology trainers with immense knowledge in this subject. Trainers of Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore can help you learn numerology in the most profound method.

With the advancement of technology, you can now learn numerology online with Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore. There are many factors related with the numerology which is discussed below:

Motivation Numbers: You may not be aware of your desire and wishes in your life. Motivation numbers are the numbers that can let you know about these factors easily and help you act accordingly. One can easily calculate their motivation numbers just by adding all the vowels in the spelling of the name of a person.

Expression Number: It has been seen that many times people fail to make right decisions in their life, which they regret later. Many individuals could have got into right profession and may have reached good position in their life if they would have understood their aim in life and have taken the right decision at right time. Expression number is also an important factor in numerology. The power of expression number is such that it can reveal the mission or the goal of your life. Expression number can help you take the right path in your life.

Persona Number: Just as the name sounds, persona numbers reflects one’s personalities. Persona numbers defines how you actually are. It can help you get the true picture of yourself.

Psychic Number: Psychic number can let you find a perfect match for you. It can help you find marriage compatibility, wishes, desires, friendship and so forth.

Numerology is a center of attention for people. Learn numerology with Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore and uplift your career as a numerologist. There would be no use to learn numerology from bogus institutes. Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore is the renounced name in the field of providing training in Numerology, Astrology, Palmistry, Vastu Shastra and varied subjects.

Vedic Astrology – The Spiritual Science

Astrology ought to be a spiritual science. Our birth chart is a reflection of our spirit and its specific incarnation. In our stars we see the development and growth of our inward being from life to life. It implies that Astrology gives us the keys to the unfoldment of the soul and can be utilized as a key to inner unfoldment.


Mirroring the universe itself, astrology can be utilized to analyze all areas of life. From it we can find out about our wellbeing, wealth, career and relationships, our material, mental and spiritual manifestations. It demonstrates the whole structure of energies through which we should act throughout everyday life.

In that capacity, it is the most comprehensive science we have. However on its highest level, astrology ought to be a piece of yoga, the art of the soul. Its motivation is to direct us past the net of these external powers to their source.

Astrology if appropriately utilized, demonstrates to us the world inside ourselves. It is a science for moving our consciousness from its physical limitation in the human brain through the beams of creation to envelop the whole universe.

It is a science for meditation in which the planets speak to the characteristics that we should acknowledge inside ourselves. The planets are the limbs of the cosmic individual that we should assemble back to come back to the original state of grace. Understanding astrology, our consciousness can take off through the planets and the stars to the focal Sun of Truth in the internal heart of all.

IVAINDIA i.e. Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore aims at meeting the raising standard of astrology. India is dotted with numbers of institutes for astrology. Out of which, IVA is one of the best for astrology training Indore. If you are an enthusiast to pursue astrology training Indore and to become an astrology expert then, you must have to learn the profession. You would get appraisal from your endless customers, when they would be benefitted by the forecasts, made by you. Aside from name and distinction, you would have the capacity to make an extraordinary measure of cash additionally by honing this remunerating profession. Receiving recommendations from various completely satisfied customers will additionally help. You should make your decision before enrolling yourself by browsing through Institute of Vedic Astrology reviews (IVAINDIA reviews) flowing all over the web.

Personality of Planets in Indian Astrology

Indian astrology is known for its rich tradition of knowledge and accurate predictions. There are thousands of books available on Astrology in the market, but none of them would be much helpful for a new learner. Institute of Vedic Astrology is the sole destination for those who wants to learn astrology lessons. You may checkout Institute of Vedic Astrology reviews online.


In this article, let’s understand the basics of Astrology lessons by comprehending the qualities of some planets in brief, as they act on the basis of their personalities. When you comprehend them, then you can without much of a stretch, see how they give results about various houses. You can watch that the subject will have the vast majority of the characteristics of the planet that is controlling or sitting in the first house i.e. ascendant in their horoscope.

Sun: The Sun has been conceptualized as ruler of the planets. The Sun has predominance and ego of a ruler. Sun, the king, has desire and want to rule, administration, an appealing personalities, an illustrious nature, fortitude, liberality, great knowledge, amazing voice, benevolence of a father, gallantry and courage.

Moon: The Moon is portrayed as the queen. So the Moon carries on like elderly ladies of high status. The Moon has the ladylike characteristics like vanity, generosity, warmth, affectability, intelligence, fretful nature, over the top sexual desire. In any case, the Moon isn’t a young lady, rather a shrewd elderly lady having the characteristics of a mother, so the Moon is additionally associated with motherly love. Moon is additionally associated with feelings, mind and mental peace.

Mars: Mars is the army commander. So it has the qualities of the same. Mars has the leadership with predominance, cruelty, a savagery and hostility, want to contend and win, possessive nature, masculinity, sexual animosity, impatience and fractious nature.

Mercury: Mercury, the little prince is glib with sweet voice and humor. Mercury the adolescent ruler has knowledge, curious brain, and happy nature, devious whimsical ways, instable yet resolute personality, want of change and oddity and an ability to play with words.

Jupiter: Jupiter is depicted to have the identity of a pastor or esteemed minister with idealistic demeanor. The esteemed cleric Jupiter is insightful, knowledgeable, honorable, particularly keen, exceptionally educated, rational and intelligent planet.

Venus: The Venus is thought to have the female qualities. In any case, dissimilar to the Moon the Venus is the more youthful lady. So it has additionally the qualities like fascination for opposite sex, desire, exotic nature, wants for delightful things that pull in, stylish sense and a wide range of material joys.

Saturn: Saturn has been conceptualized as the old worker of the family. Along these lines Saturn is depicted with the characteristics like responsibilities, discipline, cruelty, pitilessness, extremely mindful nature and detachment.

Rahu: Rahu (and Ketu) is the soldier in planet’s family. So, Rahu (and Ketu) has attributes of animosity, outrage, mean conduct, intelligence, desire and a wide range of addictions.