The Master Number 66

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According to Numerology, there are many numbers that have special qualities in it, some are mystical and some are intuitive. But the most powerful numbers are the master numbers. The master number has the power to change someone’s destiny and most commonly they are special in everyone’s case.
What are Master Numbers?
Master numbers are those numbers which are made with two or three similar number, and all the number which comes in this type have a special influence on human’s life. These master numbers have the power of two and three numbers which adds potential in each and everyone’s life who have the master number in their life.
People who have a master number with them are much likely to high intuitions, potential in them and intelligence as well.
Some major master numbers are 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, and 66, etc.

Here we will share some interesting facts about the master 66 number.

This master number 66 brings transformation into someone’s life, brings Compassion, Justice, Positivity and life’s Perfection.
Number 66 is about the transformation of knowledge and wisdom within your life. If your life is connected with number 66 then it means you have the potential and balance inside you.
The experts of Numerology believe that this number is powerful with added potential because of the painting of the same number.
Any person possessing a master number is likely to have a heightened sense of intuition, potential or intelligence.

66 is the spiritual master number for Love. But more likely is all about:
• Discipleship
• Resurrection
• Spiritual Work
• Transformation
Now take it a step further:
66 = 6+6 = 12
12 = 1+2 = 3
So 66 reduces to 12 and 1+2 = 3 where 3 symbolizes creative perfection

So on the same hand, people with number 3 on their birth date have the same qualities just like master number 66.
Master number 66 also has some negative sides as well. On the negative side, the number sixty-six resonates with over-optimism, too outcome dependent, credulousness, idealistic, over-promising.
66 is also a higher state of 3 and knowing its inner workings might come in handy.

There is more master number which has a lot of hidden meanings inside them; all you have to do is understand them with the help of Numerology.
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Use Indian Numerology to Find Directions in Your Life

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Most of the people are interesting in the astrology, Indian numerology and many other subjects like it. As they are strongly believed in it that if they are going to use their numbers, they will easily predict their future. It has been a practice of long time which converts their learnings into reality. There are various ways popular in the market through which you can easily predict the future and what is new coming to their lives. It is a numeric system that has been used from last hundreds of years.

Definitions of number

In Indian numerology, number and their definitions contain their own importance to tell the meaning of it. There are no fixed definitions of these numbers; each individual number has its own definition. For instance, number 1 stands for leadership, self, young, individual, etc. There are many other broad ways where you can get more personal traits for describing their personalities.


Just like numbers are linked to planets, the numbers are linked to alphabets as well.

  • A, I, J, Q, Y.
  • B, K, R.
  • C, G, L, S.
  • D, M, T.
  • E, H, N, X.
  • U, V, W.
  • O, Z.
  • F, P.

Indian numerology is an actualize of future telling which gives us a chance to see through the concealed intensity of numbers, and the impact that they have on our lives. This is an old Indian science which assumes a noteworthy part in our lives. Each part of our lives is impacted by numbers. In Vedic Astrology, numerology is thought to be essential. In India, numbers are some of the time connected with otherworldliness too.

For instance, in the number 0, the internal part is separate from the external part. This is fundamentally the same as a person, in whom the Jeevatma lives. An individual sees that he is separate from the external universe, and that the body and soul are one and particular from the external world. This is like 0 wherein the internal part is unmistakable from the external part.

There are varieties of ways available in the market, in which some of them are widely used while rests are fall into the category of Indian astrology online course.

These methods are – Alphabetic system, Abjad system, Chinese numerology, Pythagorean system and many more. These are the supporting pillars of numerology which works similar to Indian numerology.

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