An Easy Way to Learn Numerology

Do you want to learn Numerology, but never had enough time to do? If yes, then this article is for you. This article is going to help you get insight into the tips and tricks to learn Numerology without any hassle.


Numerology is one of the most preferred methods of predicting life events with the help of numbers. Numerology was initially practiced by Babylonians and then by Greeks and then it spread all across the globe. In the days gone by, Numerology was being taught in schools and in esoteric centers. Subsequently, individuals began writing and publishing books on Numerology and it was discussed openly in forums by numerologists. These days, owing to the advancement in technologies, you can learn Numerology online with Institute of Vedic Astrology or you can download numerology software and learn from it.

There are several, free and paid, online and offline numerology software over the World Wide Web that can provide very accurate guidance to individuals willing to learn numerology. More often than not, such online numerology software is usually available in free version with limited features and professional version with full features. Generating multiple reports by altering the names, you can get a grasp on numerology.

For different names and date of birth that you have entered, you will be provided with a detailed report of your predictions along with your Life Path, Destiny and Heart Desire number. By utilizing numerology software on a regular basic, you can learn Numerology in a more practical way. Be that as it may, there will be no one to guide you through out the process of learning Numerology with this method.

Hence, learning Numerology online, under the guidance of experienced Numerologist, is the most preferred and best way. If you Google for institutes, offering training in Numerology, you will be bombarded with tons of results to choose from. Be that as it may, enrolling with Institute of Vedic Astrology would be smarter choice for you. Institute of Vedic Astrology Reviews speaks on behalf of the quality of training that it offers in Numerology and other allied subjects. Figure out Institute of Vedic Astrology Reviews spreading like wild fire all over the internet. It can guide you with your decision making process.

Best Place to Learn Numerology Online

Are you interested in knowing the relationship between stars, sun, moon, planets and us? There is one subject which holds all these type of information in it, that is numerology. Are really cursive to learn numerology? Then it might be easy to learn numerology for that individual. It is really a powerful subject which can guide you by telling the positions of the planets, stars, moon, etc. and their effects in your life. If one can serious to learn numerology, then they have wider scope in their career as a numerologist. But blindly going to any institute and learn this type of thing is not good.  Then you have two great options one is directly going to any expert or visit Institute of Vedic Astrology for your desired learning.

Institute of Vedic Astrology

This institute is well renowned for their teaching style and faculties.  Both are top rated facilities, so there is no doubt in it that one cannot achieve as they want.  Still there are many factors which are directly related with the study of numerology and in it some basic things will play vital role such as reading of books as much as possible and other related contents also.

Learning numerology is the good idea but along with pre preparation of it. Likewise learning about different numbers which works for you, they are as follows –

# know your motivation number: these type of number helps you to get to know about your inner soul and its desire.  Get to know what motivates you in your life and desires of your life.

# know your expression number:  this number has the ability to reveal the goal of your life. So with the help of these numbers one can easily achieve the mission of their life. It also leads you in right direction in your life. This type of help will leads you to take the right decision of your life and set a right goal. Many people have taken right decision of their life with the help of expression numbers.

 # Know about your psychic number: Psychic number plays a vital role in the life of every human being. The best examples of this are those people who are extremely active towards their work after the age of 35 years. By finding the Psychic number of any person, it becomes easy to find their life partner.

So it is good to learn numerology from best institute like institute of vedic astrology for better career growth.

Indian Numerology Online Training in India

Numerology is a branch of science which lets us know the relationship between the planets with us. It can even tell us that what the effect of each planet on us is. Astrology and Indian numerology are not at all new subjects in science but it affects our Indian culture in many ways. If one wants to gain knowledge in the field of Indian numerology, then he or she can start as a career option in numerology by taking training by famous numerologist. For the ones who want to study numerology, can contact someone who can give them some practical as well as theoretical knowledge in this field. Numerologist can tell us exactly how and the way it can be learned. But as with the increase in the usage of technologies, one can even get more information through various other websites on the internet.


There are many factors that are interrelated with the numerology and by that you can easily get the ideas about your life. These are as follows:

  • The motivation number: These numbers would help you in getting to know about your own dreams and desires. You may not know how to calculate the motivation number but you can easily get to know about the important factors that would affect your life.
  • The expression number: The expression number is also one of the most important factors in the field of Indian numerology. By this, you can easily able to know the purpose and mission of your life. This number will also take you to the right path and will help you in taking right decision of your life. Most of the times, you would have taken wrong decisions because you are not aware of the goal of your life.
  • The Psychic number: This number plays most important role and remains very active before the age of 35. It can help you in determining one’s wishes, desires, friendship, food and marriage.
  • The Persona number: By going through this number, one can get to know about the personality. It will help you in determining yourself.