Choose your Career based on Feng Shui and Astrology – Part 1

The Feng Shui expert at Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore has suggested that people who belong to metal element can choose their career based on this element. Such people can choose physical mAstrology-Signs-2etal products as their career. It means that these people based on Feng Shui can choose their businesses that are related to metal industries. They can also join industries that are based on metal element.

Precious metals like Gold, Silver can also be considered as a business opportunity for people who belong to metal element based on Feng Shui. At Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore these thoughts were given by the Feng Shui expert during a seminar on Learning Feng Shui Online or through correspondence courses. Since, India has a very big market for Gold and Silver articles as these are used in ornaments, jewellery, technology, temples, etc. so these metals have vast career opportunities for businessmen and also for the people who are involved in jobs in these areas.

Metal hardware supplies and hardware stores are also suitable business for these people. Any kind of hardware store in wholesale or in retail will be suitable for people who have their element as metal. As per the Astrology online courses conducted by Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore our Feng Shui expert suggest that manufacturing of metal related items that are used in these stores is also beneficial.

Motor and automobile sector will also be beneficial for people who have metal as their element. Manufacturing, supply, trading or broker ship for automobiles and their parts will prove beneficial for metal people.

People who have metal as their element can also go for Plant and Machinery. That is all items that are related to machinery whether small or heavy will be suitable. Constructing of plant or manufacturing units for these will also be beneficial to these people.

Martial Arts is another such fields where metal element people can be successful. The Feng Shui expert at the Institute of Vedic Astrology situated at Indore also recommends that all metal element people should have their hobby in martial arts. These people can practice martial arts as an sport and can also get involved in teaching of this art.fengshui

Metal element people will also be successful as a Lawyer or in Public Services or Government related jobs. They are highly capable for handling situations and challenges related to these fields. As an extension they can also try their luck in becoming a Judge.

Mining of all sorts of metals and their supply will also prove beneficial as a career opportunity for people who have metal as their element. Excavation work will prove beneficial for them.

Metal element people will be successful in business of electronic components. All electronic items are related to metal element. So, if a metal element person tries to establish related to electronics then the success ratio will be very high.

Next week, our Feng Shui expert will throw lights on career options based on Feng Shui and Astrology for Water Element people.

Moon: The Cool Planet

Moon-AstrologyMoon is the Causative of Animals, birds, plants and creatures living in watery and cool areas. Moon planet is responsible for water and cool places and so all the animal like fish, crab, crocodile etc and plants like coconut, sugarcane are causative of planet Moon.

Metals Causative of Moon is Silver, Nickel and Aluminum. Colour of moon is white and so all the metal of white colour are the causative of planet Moon. When Moon is in good position then native gets good results profit from the use of business of such metals. When Moon is in bad position, the person gets inauspicious results and losses from use or business of such metals.

Production Causative of Moon is White articles and Fisheries. As the colour of Moon is white, so all such things of white colour like Milk production, sugar, pearl, silver, Nickel etc come under the impact of planet Moon. Causative of water is also Moon. Things/ animals produced from water like fishes, pearl or other food products etc are related to Moon.moon-sign

When Moon in good position all such things give profit to the native. When the Moon is not in a good all above things give losses and harms.

is Causative of Business related to White colour article, water tourisms and things that are produced from water.White is the colour of Moon, so all the articles, whose colour is white, are the causative of Moon. Occupation related to Moon are occupation of pearl, sugar, Rice, Milk, Silver, Nickel.Moon is causative of water. So all such things which are produced from water and these occupation; related to Fishes, salt, pearl, water animals, lotus flowers, soft drinks, drinking water, gems, sea flora, water tourism, ice-cream etc.

This article is written by Mr. Ashish Patidar an expert Vedic Astrologer from the Institute of Vedic Astrology situated at Scheme No. 71, Ring Road in the city of Indore in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India.

Moon : The Causatives

This topic is based on the explanation given to students by the Vedic Astrology expert at The Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore. The topic is based on the causative factors of Moon.

Moon is causative factor of Mind. The speed of Moon is fastest of all planets. Only just two and quarter days are needed to complete one rotation. In our body the speed of our Mind is highest. It changes very frequently, it is not stable. It is not stable so its causative planet is Moon.

When Moon is in strong position then native gets mental peace and happiness.When Moon is in weak position then native gets mental disturb are and the native has chances of suffering from mental disorder.fengshui-1

Moon is causative of Calmness also. While watching Moon we feel cool and calmness at the night. So Moon is a causative planet for calmness.When Moon is in good position person gets happiness derived through calmness.When Moon is not in good position the native gets inauspicious results by keeping quiet and calm.

Moon is causative of Water element. We get coolness from Moon. And water also has quality to give working effect. So all such things which are capable of giving coolness, come under area of Moon. Due to auspicious results of Moon pleasure is derived from Water. Due to inauspicious results of Moon accidents related to water, losses due to water etc. can happen.

Moon is Causative of Mother. When the whole night is lighty glittered by Moon light, the feeling at that time is of love and tenderness. When child first lies in his Mother’s lapse he feels like that only. So Moon is the causative planet for mother.

When Moon is in strong position then native gets happiness, support, love and affection from his mother.When Moon is in weak position then native either gets separated from his mother or he doesn’t get his mother’s love and affection.

Power of Sun

In the sky there is a star called the Sun, which is self-radiating. It gives light to other planets as well. Several planets keep circling around the Sun and while so doing draw light from the Sun. Sun has a great importance in Vedic Astrology as it is treated to be the king of all the planets. Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore presents a detailed overview with a logical explanation of does Sun affects various aspects of life.

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Sun is Causative of East Direction. As Sun rises from the east. So Sun is the causative planet for earth direction. Due to the auspicious results of Sun a person will gains from east direction. If the Sun gives inauspicious results then the person will have losses from east direction.

Sun is causative of Spinal coral, Heart, Eyes and temperature in body. As Sun is the basic of the Universe as it gives light to the entire Universe similarly Spinal cord is the basis of the body to keep it straight. So Sun is the causative planet of Spinal Lord. Sun is called as Soul and main place of soul is considered as heart. And so Sun is considered as causative planet for heart. The food gets digested and

releases energy for the whole body to work. So is the work of Sun that it gives heat to all the weathers. So Sun is the causative element for stomach. Sun gives us like running fuel that is heat energy which is very necessary for living. So Sun is the causative planet for temperature. Sun provides light to the whole world. And so we are able to see things around us. The capability of seeing things is related with our eyes and so Sun is causative factors for eyes.

When Sun is in correct position the natives has good spinal structure, good heart. Working is good and correct temperature of body and very good eye sight. When Sun is in weak position the native suffers from weal spinal structure, heart diseases, weak eye sight, frequent fevers and weak digestive system and frequent digestive problems.

As per the expert of Astrology & Feng Shui Shri Ashish Patidar at Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore Sun is also the Causative of Medicines, Food products, Gold, warm food products and chemicals. As, Sun is a life giving planet and medicine also gives life to the patient. And so all the medicines and equipments used during operative produces are related to Sun is a causative factor for them. Sun is a life giving planet. Main ingredient of our food comprises of wheat, Barley, maize etc. come under the control of Sun. All such chemicals which are related to life are under the area of Sun. Sun is a hot planet. And so all such products whose nature to warmth or are of hot nature come under are of Sun.


Institute of Vedic Astrology suggests that by studying third house properly an Astrologer can get idea of the person in terms of siblings, employees, decision making and valour. IVA gives importance for studying of 3rdhouse in the horoscope.

The third house depicts following aspects:-

 The third house delineates

  •   Valour
  •   Manlihood
  •   Short Journeys
  •   Right ear.
  •   Helpers and servants
  •   Business
  •   Asthma
  •   Kidney
  •   Cough
  •   Skin disease
  •   Yoga
  • The third house specifies the native’s siblings i.e. number of brother or sister, relationship of brother and their mutual cooperation.
  • This house tells about ups and downs in the fate of a native.
  • 3rd house also suggests a native’s valour and courage against these odds.
  • The third house also tells about the weapons and arms kept in native’s house.
  • This house also determines the last days of the native’s life.
  • This house represents the youth of the native.
  • The causative planet of 3rdhouse is Mars.
  • The element which predominates the third house is Wind element.


Institute of Vedic Astrology strongly recommends that by studying second house properly a good Astrology expert (Astrologer) can get deep insights of the person in terms of family, speech, bank balance and assets. So, IVA gives due importance to studying of 2nd house in the horoscope.

The second house depicts following aspects:-

The second house dictates:

o   Wealth

o   Prosperity

o   Earnings

o   Status

o   Finances

o   Gold

o   Silver

o   Jewellery etc.

  • The second house also determines wealth that a person inherits.
  • The second house warns a native against accident, its kind, ailments and death.
  • The native’s speech is also seen from 2nd house of the horoscope.
  • A person’s face and his/her food habits are seen from 2nd house.
  • Inherited property, family, friends, artistic aptitude etc. are studied under 2nd house of the horoscope.
  • Comforts and luxury enjoyed by a person are also determined by the second house.
  • A person’s relation with in-laws and his affinity with them are also studied under 2ndhouse of the horoscope.
  • This place also tells about pet animals that a native possess.
  • The causative planet of second house is Jupiter.
  • The element of the second house is Earth.

Medical Astrology

Sixth house is the house of disease. At this house evil or influence disease is not produced but auspicious influence is considered slowly increment in emergence of disease. The house which has an aspect of auspicious planet or its employer increases its natural result but the same house increases the disease if influenced by evil planet. Therefore good influence increases the natural result and is considered helpful emergence of the disease.

Only the powerful planets present in this house are capable in curing the emergence of disease not the weak ones. Powerful planet has the capacity to give the both auspicious and evil results. We have seen in the horoscope of various people that existence of mars in the sixth house of cancer makes them healthy, daring and self dependent. Thus this is an all accepted principle that debilitated or enemy planets present in the house destroys the natural result of the house but basic trine , good sign and friendly planets increases it .

Various diseases caused due to evil or auspicious influence in different zodiac signs are as follows:-

Aries :-             Pitta, heatophobia, and stomach related diseases.

Taurus-            Tri-difect disease, impotentness and burning disease.

Geminis           Asthma, breathing problem, over excitement etc.

Cancer           Madness, Insanity, Lack of interest etc.

Leo                  Fever, Headache, nervous disorders.

Virgo                eisease because of worries’

Libra                Fever , leukoria, unbalanceness of body.

Scorpio            Disease related to liver or gall bladder.

Sagittarius       Falling from tree, injury in legs etc.

Capricorn        Stomach pain, appendisitize, lack of interst.

Aquarius          Cough, Fever, influenza.

Pisces             Cough and cold.