Learn Astrology Online Series : Learn Feng Shui Cures – Mountain

Whxkdg-d-420x315en there is problem in the Mountain area of the house then residents have health related problem. They become closed to ideas and think whatever they are doing is right. They are not ready for changes. As per Feng Shui expert at Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore if, as per priority list, if the problem pertains to mountain area, then some article of opposite element is likely to be present in the North-East direction from the center of the house. Earth is the element of this place. So, everything must be according to this element.

  1. There should be articles of clay, porcelain, stone, wood or cotton.
  2. Articles of brown or yellow colour should be used.
  3. Paintings of plains are welcome.
  4. Even and big articles are recommended.
  5. Keeping empty and open pot facing the sky shows lust for more knowledge. As such open and empty porcelain pot can be kept here.
  6. Paintings of spiritual leaders for inspiration can be placed.

Based on above you can make changes as suggested by experts. You can learn Indian Vedic Astrology, Numerology and Feng Shui at Institute of Vedic  Astrology Indore through correspondence and online courses. There are items that are not allowed in the North-East direction.

  1. Fire element is cooperative but should not be in excess.
  2. Wood element is opposite of Earth element. Therefore, articles of colours or shapes related to wood element should not be used.
  3. Green colour should not be used here.
  4. Long wood element shapes are not suitable.
  5. Articles of wood, bamboo or paper should not be used.

Learn Tree Plantation in Vastu as per Caste

Indian society was divided in 4 categories known as Varna System as per the Work performed by people. These four Varna are Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. To learn more about Varna system you can refer to the online Vastu course conducted by Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore.

People who are Brahmin or people who are involved in the work of teaching or education related fields and then they must plant Awla, Pakar, Peepal avastund Gular trees in garden of their house. These plants should be planted in their auspicious directions.

People who are Vaishya or people who are involved in the work of business or trading must plant Neem and Bilva trees in garden of their house. These plants should be planted in their auspicious directions.

People who are Kshatriya or people who are in army, police or sports, then they must plant Tulsi, Mahua and Eucalyptus trees in garden of their house. These plants should be planted in their auspicious directions.unnamed

People who belong to all other groups other than Brahmin, Vaishya or Kshatriya must plant Amaltas and Maulshree trees in garden of their house. These plants should be planted in their auspicious directions.

Auspicious directions can be learnt in the Post Graduate Diploma correspondence Indian Vastu course as conducted by Institute of Vedic Astrology situated at Indore which is a leading Vastu Training Insitute in India.

West Direction for Business Prosperity

Each direction has its importance. Each direction has a main deity and many other deities that affect that particular direction. Lord Varuna, the God of Rains is the lord of the West direction. West direction influences business prosperity. Thus, if there are good features as per Vastu then West direction will prove to be beneficial for the businessman. Let us Learn Vastu aspects online that how can West direction be beneficial.

In order to learn the nitty-gritties of Vedic Vastu through this online article you must first know about who are the presiding deities of the West directions. Thus, as Vastu-1Lord Varuna is the main deities there are 8 other deities that are situated in the West Direction. These deities are Pitra, Dauvarik, Sugriva, Pushpdanta, Varuna, Asur, Shosha, Papyakshama and Roga. Thus, these deities have effects on the positions of door. Thus, when the doors are placed in a deiti’s position then it will affect as per the results given by the particular deity.

As per Institute of Vedic Astrology a leading Vastu training institute of India that provides Vastu Online courses and Vastu correspondence courses the effects of each deity are as follows:-

Door in Pitrapada will result in Harm to children. Thus this door entry should be avoided. A door placed in Dauvarikpada will result in enemies hence not auspicious. A door in Sugrivapada brings gain of wealth and gain of son so this is a very auspicious position that Vastu training can help us to know. The door must be thus placed in Sugriva pada. A door in Pushpdantapada brings Prosperity which is very much desirable. Hence, a door in Pushpadantapada in West direction is highly desirable.

Varuna, the deity in the center position of West direction results in Wealth and Son so it is highly auspicious door. Whenvastu door placed in Varuna pada as per our Vastu online classes will result in prosperity to inmates and must be planned while constructing residential or commercial property. The next deity in the West direction is Asur which results in harm to Women. Thus, the door in Asurpada must be avoided at all cost. A door in Shoshapada will result in Poverty which is inauspicious and a door should not be planned in this direction at all. A door in Papyakshamapada will result in fire hazards which is not desirable so must be avoided. Finally in the Rogapada when the door is placed then it will result in blockages and hurdles. Thus, a door in Rogapada should also be avoided.

Based on the above Vastu aspects as per our Vastu Online courses we have learnt that it will be very auspicious if we place the door in Sugriva, Pushpadanta and Sugriva pada to get the best results of Vastu Shastra.

Indian astrology – Best Way To know About Your Life

Many of us know Indian astrology.man in history have used indian astrology for ages.It was said that he used indian astrology to construct the calender and now a days so many people use the indian astrology what the events and what the incidence will occurs of future for them.How the indian astrology has been used in history?The celestial bodies of universe and other and other parts of Indian astrology to tell you all things you want to know about your future. They tell you that they can provide you detail and answers as to what’s about to upcoming years ahead from career or business to love.That’s another expectations what’s used.You can totally belief in astrology from its discovery. They use the positions and movements of these planets or we can say that celestial bodies and other things of indian astrology.They are using the pattern of to say when the things occur with the help of expert trainees of Astrology institute India for learn Indian astrology you can know all about your future and make your future comfortable with the help of astrologer expert’s suggestion.Here in this institute you can comfortably avail the astrological trainings and so many other services at this institute .Here you can get good training from experienced and expert trainees for learning the astrology.

Something that’s new to this way of world would be the overall look that because of the placement of the heavenly systems and so forth, it is involved that this could change the world’s actions. Symptoms and symptoms of astrology are said to have modified and it is because of the motions of the heavenly systems and such. That is one example as to this is an example of how this performs. Everyone seems to use it on the other hand. Identifying what individuals estimate will be is all identified by that culture’s presumptions you’re going with. There are many who have investigated the severity and spinning of the heavenly systems. Learn Indian Astrology decides what the long run will keep for you. Therefore, more studies are also changes continually that also changes factors as well. When you look at it, you’ll discover that not only has  Astrology been around for little a while. It’s always investigated and always used as outstanding. Native Indian astrology allows individuals to keep wish. There are many who increase on this and research this and then try to factors forecasts. Some of these Native Indian astrology forecasts have been real. Therefore, some of them haven’t so right.

Importance Of Vastu In Our Life

WATER-The element of water is very necessary for all living-beings. This substance is made up of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen and is existent in 2/3rd part of the Earth. Its a belief that the beginning of human life on Earth took place because of sea-water. The formation of life cannot be imagined without water. Water is life. Right from the ancient age, man has been dependent on water. At that time, the water was used not only for cooking purpose but also for irrigation, taking bath, and washing clothes and for transport also. Almost all the civilizations developed on the banks of rivers. These civilizations are the examples of man’s knowledge. All this could become possible only because of the ample quantity of water. Even in the modern age, all the commercially developed and world class towns like New York, London, Sydney, Mumbai and Kolkata are located on the shores of seas.Water element affects man and other living animals. Therefore, it becomes necessary that man should not face the shortage of water in a house he lives in. The storage of water or water tank implies a significant place in any house. According to Vastu ‘Vastu is the place of water should be selected in such a way that ample quantity of water could remain available and water element could also affect the house in a proper way. One should ascertain before the house construction that the plot or the land in its vicinity has ample quantity of water or not.

The place in a building-If one desires to have the proper effect of water element he should choose a particular place for storing facility. Vastu recommends the place of water element as North-East of plot or house. Therefore, North-East corner is also called the place of water. It is also the place of God. We learn so many different things which are related to vastu from Vastu training Institute. The water storage in the North-East of the house is considered very well. Water gets polluted very soon but Sun’s rays from East will purify water, through the energy of its rays. Underground water storage  thus have the best effects of water element. Such storage of water will be the cause of prosperity for the residents and also helpful in birth of male issues. The North-East portion of the house should be an open place, study room or drawing room may be located here. Bed room or store room should not exist in this angle.

Components Of Earth

Fire is the fundamental source of energy. Fire not only provides heat and light but the energy produced by it may also be used by man for various purposes. Solar energy is also a form of fire energy. Life on Earth is dependent on solar energy. Life on Earth is possible only because it has the solar energy in appropriate quantity.

In the ancient age, fire was used by man for his safety and also to get heat and light. Fire was chiefly used for the purpose of cooking. It was considered the symbol of purity and development of the tradition of lighting lamps at temples and other religious places also began. Fire is also worshipped in the form of God. Sacrifices are offered into fire during Yagya or Havan. Fire forms an undivided part of all the civilizations of the world. In the Parsi community, fire is worshipped in the form of Supreme Soul. The fire element affects all the living beings equally. It communicates courage, strength and encouragement in all the living beings. While on the one hand it gives rise to progress, on the other too much quantity of it may prove disastrous. Hence it is necessary to see that fire element affects only in the prescribed quantity. Many people are studying in Vaastu Training Institute and they are trying to knowing the deeply about fire, vastu.

The place in a building:

Solar energy is the form of fire. Sun rises from the East. Therefore angle towards South in the East direction i.e. the South-East angle of house or plot is called the place of fire. According to Vastu, the South-East direction has been prescribed as the place of fire. Kitchen in the South Eastern corner of the house may be the fire related place. Electricity is also one of the forms of energy. Hence, in this portion of the house the placement of electric meter may take place. By nature, fire and water should never be together.

Importance of Air in Life and Vastu

Air is the basis of life. Man cannot live without air even for a moment. Air implies the top most essentially in human life. Man takes pure air into his body in the form of breath. Entering into lungs this air gets mixed into blood, through blood it reaches every part of the body. If body does not get air even for a little while the person may die. Hence, the presence of pure air is necessary for man.

Right from the ancient age, man knew the importance of air. Air symbolizes velocity and power. The velocity of air was used in the functioning of wind-mill. Wind mill was used for grinding grains or fetching water from the well. One may still see the use of wind-mill in some places. The maximum use of the power of air has taken place in the field of water transport. The boats and ships were fixed with large sails. This sail proved helpful in sailing boat using air power. Invention of sail helped in the development of human-civilization. Not only its power, but even the presence of air is essential for man. Man has always preferred places for construction of house, where pure and cold air flow could remain un-interrupted.

The air is directly inhaled by man into his body. Hence air element directly affects the body and brain of man. While on one hand pure and fresh air has the positive effect, on the other, polluted and stagnant air has the negative effect. Care should be taken in the house construction that only the auspicious and positive effects of air could be garnered. House should be constructed in such a way in which not only the flow of pure air could be achieved but also the polluted air could be discharged.

The place in a building

In Vastu, North-West angle of a house or plot is considered the place of air. This portion of the house should be airy into which fresh and pure air could easily enter. Hence this portion of the house must have windows and ventilators.