Uses of Vedic Astrology in Daily Life

Since ancient times the Vedic astrology has been used in daily life. During the periods of kings and Emperors Astrologers were respected and were given honorable post in their courts. They gave information to Emperors about their work as well as life. According to horoscope and study of planets they gave advice to kings and emperors. Astrologers also help them in their monarchy. They gave their opinion to change their policies related to royal system. We may say dynasty of Kings and Emperors and their life depends upon an Astrologer.

The Indian Astrology has an important role in our life. As it has been used since ancient times plays an important role in daily life of pastro01eoples. Now a day it is also useful for people. Everyone is curious to know about his life therefore the Indian Astrology helps and guide them in their life. By the study of planets Astrologers gives information to them. They can know about their happiness, sorrows and also about their present, past and future. Continue reading

Cancer Sun Sign – Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs | Cancer

Cancer zodiac is Fourth in the zodiac cycle. In the body its place is at heart. Its shape is like a Crab.


Place of this zodiac is at the sheres of water bodies like tank, river, ponds etc. This is an aquatic zodiac. Its color is white.


Native of Cancer is aquatic, lustful and grateful. He is more interested in astrology, mythology, archeology etc. Once this native decides to do a thing, he does it. His life is not misform. He has tremendous thinking power and nature is restless. These natives like to live peacefully with others. Their anger subsides very quickly.
The Cancer native like journey through rivers, oceans, lakes by boats, steamers etc. They are troubling with zeal and feel contented when their hobbies are fulfilled. Such people do anything as per rules and regulations. They come forward to help people in difficulty especially the women. They are ideal, emotional and honest. They are devotees to their families, friends, parents and country. Although they are peace loving, calm and benevolent, they at-times boil up, become irritating and devoid of thinking. At times driven by self interest they behave like in a persons.
From the view point of finance, they are quite well to do. Due to their sharp wisdom they are capable of amassing wealth. They tide over all problems and make money. These are no shortage of good ideas for them, but their favorite area is farming. Right from sowing seeds to harvesting, they work very hard and at the end get good result.
They like journeys by boats or other means of water transport. However, sometimes they are scares of water which causes stomach disorders. These natives are of jolly nature which makes them dear to friends, family members etc. They are concerned about others. They are ambitious and compassionate also and have considerate heart.
But they are suspicious also. Sometimes they become of unstable mind, and have to face discontent. Attimes they are scared of loss Suring journey.
If these natives help someone, then they leave no stone unturned in helping. Native of Cancer zodiac is well built, fair complexion and healthy. They are very punctual in doing things.
Natives of Cancer are high officials, connoisseurs, collectors of antique articles, professors. Because of their love for water, they prefer working as sailors. Their mind is imaginative and they are hard working.
Such natives are emotional and are able to realize pain of others. On some occasions they become very sentimental. People, near and dear start liking them. They are law abiding and affectionate and joins others in times of need.
They often go back to their childhood day. Sometimes they become philosophers. They are good at mimicry; are fun loving and of literary taste. Also they are traditionalists, understanding and theocratic. They are always careful.


Caste of this zodiac is Brahmin. Hence they are born scholars. He is worried about others. He is highly qualified and is held in high esteem by the society.


Cancer zodiac’s element is water. As such they are soft spoke. The live life like flow of water but is scared of what may happen in future. Like water this native has a quality of adapting as per circumstances.


Cancer is a feminine sign. Due to feminine nature, native has softness in their nature. Native’s are service driven and work to help others. They are quite sensitive by nature.


Cancer is unstable zodiac. That is why the natives do not stick to decision taken, or are fickle-minded.

Parts of body/Diseases

Lungs of these natives are bit weak. They may take to drugs and loose physical strength. Indigestion and vision problems are common in Cancer natives.
As they worry too much, some discomforts arise. They are popular amongst women and friends.


Most of the Cancer natives are connected to trade, commerce and industry related business. They are importers, explorers and commissions agents. They are also manufactures of various items which they sell. As industrialists they provide employment to many people.
For a native born in Cancer zodiac, business of items related to water are very advantageous like pearls, counches etc. In this section they make good fortune. They make proper use of money earned and despite wealth do not indulge in bad habits. They are well behaved, attractive and wise but not proudly.
They are masters of secret knowledge and excel in areas of astrology, mythology, medicine, engineering etc but are naturally suitable for business.

Learn Feng Shui Online Series : The Nine Areas

(A)   On the basis of priority list as per Feng Shui, if there is a problem in the water area then it calls for improvement in North direction from the center. Water is also the symbol of this place. Following are the requirements of this place as given by Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore in our online Feng Shui course:

  1. There can be aquariums and fountains.
  2. There can be paintings of water such as sea, river, pond etc.feng-shui-to-soulmate-success
  3. Color should be black or dark blue.
  4. Articles of the shape of water element.
  5. There can be glass articles.
  6. Water element is a product of metal element, hence articles of the shape and colour of metal can also be kept.
  7. For the colour of water element bulbs and curtains can be used.
  8. Colour of articles can also be of water element.

Following are prohibited in this place

  1. There should be no fire element.
  2. Articles conforming to the color and shape of Earth element should not be there.
  3. Brown, yellow colors should not be used.
  4. There should not be articles of clay, porcelain, stone, cotton or wool in this place.
  5. No long or flat shapes are permitted here.
  6. Curtains or articles of red or purple should not be used.
  7. Furnitufengshuire or articles of triangular shape should be used.


Learn Feng Shui Online Course: The Art Of Placement – Part 2

Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore, a leading Institute in providing Feng Shui courses through online and correspondence has made every effort to make students lean this subject in an easy manner. To apply and to learn Feng Shui aspects in day to day aspects xkdg-d-420x315is important. Let us study how beams in house can affect energy placements.

BEAM: Beams are as important as pillars for a building. Beams merged with the walls are not harmful but a projected beam may cause imbalance in the flow of Chi. Projected beams emit sharp energies also. Thus, a person sitting or sleeping under a projected beam may suffer from tension or stress. It may cause troubles like insomnia, depression, frustration etc. Covering the beam with a curtain is a simple remedy. The curtain rearranges the flow ofFeng_Shui-001 energy. Sitting arrangement should be such that no one sits just below the beam.

The design shown here may have numerous smaller beams. This can be extremely harmful. Such a design should be immediately changed or should be covered. This design may be attractive but it is certainly very harmful.

Dining table should never have a beam above it. Cross-section of a beam on the ceiling is worst as it generates enormous amount of sharp and harmful energy.

Thus, there should never be an arrangement of sitting under such a beam. Sitting under a beam regularly for a long period can cause tension, headache and other mental disorders.

Learn Feng Shui Online Course: The Art Of Placement

Placement or arrangement, as the name suggests is the art, which lays emphasis on keeping the household items at proper places. Proper placement of objects in a correctly constructed house will yield optimum positive energy. Pillars, beams, doors and windows etc. constructed in a wrong manner and situated at wrong places ouroborosLOGO_175can cause troubles both physical and mental. Improper shape and situation of household objects would also adversely affect the residents. Many ancient civilizations prohibit certain practices like sleeping or sitting just below a beam or sitting at the threshold or door way. This is because of the sharp energies emitted by these objects. Sharp energy travels in a straight line at a tremendous speed and it thus can disturb the balance of the energy of both the person, and the beam. Thus, it is desirable to stay away from such energies. Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore has made every effort to make students learn Feng Shui through our Feng Shui Online course. There are few examples on the Art of Placement covered under in regards to this.


Pillars are the basis of a building. They may be of various shapes but circular pillars are considered the best. Pillars having sharp edges or corners are most undesirable as the sharp energy generated by the edges and corners results in a flow of Sha-Chi or negative energy. This fact should be kept in mind while undertaking construction and all the edges and corners should be made blunt. However, if such pillars are already constructed, one should stay away from the sharp energy emitted by the sharp corners.

The invisible sharp energies emitted by sharp corners of the pillars can be extremely harmful for the residents. The effect of this energy may be lesser if the pillar is situated at the wings rather than the pillars, which are situated at the center of the house or

It is inauspicious to have a pillar opposite to the door.

A bed placed between two pillars may suffer sharp energies emitted from both sides.

Similarly, a pillar at the center of the office is not advisable. It creates negative energy.

Table placed in front of a pillar can cause restlessness and irritation in the workers. At the Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore we have made sure that the furniture and library is made in such a way that all the rules as given above to learn Feng Shui online are covered.

Residents spend most of their time in the living room. Therefore, a pillar should not be situated at the center of the living room as it can fill the place with negative energies. However, if such a pillar already exists in a house then the effect of its harmful Sha-Chi energy can be minimized through Feng Shui.

Learn Indian Astrology Online: Planets that are Causative

It is important to learn in Astrology that which are causative and which are uncausative planets in an acscendant. Based on this theory Astrologers is able to predict which planets will play important role in a person’s life. Let us learn these aspects of Indian Vedic Astrology through this Online short course as taught in Institute of Vedic Astrology, India’s best Astrology training Institute. Let us look at the causative, uncausative and neutral planets based on Gemini and Cancer ascendants.

  1. Gemini Ascendant
  2. Causative Planet

In Gemini ascendant, Venus is the most causative planet because it is the lord of fifth house. Saturn is also a causative planet as it is the lord of ninth house.

  1. Uncausative Planet

In Gemini ascendant, Mars is the most uncausative planet as it is the lord of sixth and eleventh houses. Jupiter, the lord ofCool-Moon seventh house and Sun, the lord of third houses is also uncausative.

  1. Neutral Planet

In Gemini ascendant, Moon and Mercury are neutral planets.

  1. Cancer Ascendant
  2. Causative Planet

In Cancer ascendant, Mars is the most causative planet because it is the lord of fifth and tenth house. Jupiter is also a causative planet as it is the lord of ninth house.

  1. Uncausative Planet

In Cancer ascendant, Mercury is the most uncausative planet as it is the lord of third and twelfth houses. Venus, the lord of eleventh house is also uncausative.

  1. Neutral Planet

In Cancer ascendant Moon, Saturn and Jupiter are neutral planets.

Learn Feng Shui Online Mini Course: The Shape – Circle

Circle shape is too much in use by humans and especially, it is a favorite shape of children. The wheel is considered as human’s first discovery. The utensils used in the household work are mostly in circular shapes. All the stars, planets are in this shape only. From the ancient times, the coins were used in circular shape. Many ancient buildings are formed in this shape. The usages of this shape by Greek theatres are the best examples. In Greek civilization, this shape had an important place in yingeometric Architecture. The circle is considered as everlasting i.e. this shape does not have its starting or ending points.

In human body, the energy cycles are given importance. In the position of meditation, these cycles are very important for a mediator. Cycle or circle symbolizes completeness or totality. This is the cycle of nature’s law. The circle also represents the balance between Yin-Yang. The circle is considered to be the preventatives of live units. The seasonal cycle, heavenly bodies and their sections, cycle of birth and death, the cycle of atoms around the nucleolus and energy cycles of body, all these come under live cycles. The waves produced by5_elements stone in still water are one more live example of these cycles.

To learn Feng Shui you have to understand that, in the circular bodies or shape the energy flows according to the same shape of the object. In this way, speed of the flow increases fast as per Feng Shui expert at Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore. This system works like a modern scientific device called cyclotron. The circular places are full of positive energies. Most of the religious places are in this shape only and that is why, one gets mental peace and energy at such places. But these types of buildings are not suitable for residential purposes. The energy level of circular places is not good for mankind. At such places, a person cannot stay for long. If a person stays at such places for a longer period, then he will become mentally tensed. If a person resides in such house, then he would never lead a peaceful life. Most of the time, he will remain outside the house. The natures of the people residing at such places become aggressive, disagreeable and frustrated.