Five Elements Of Earth


By nature, man is curious. He wants to have thorough knowledge of everything or incidents. At the preliminary stage, he spends most of his time in constant touch with nature. Changing seasons, the various forms of water bodies like river, spring, brook, rain-water and various appearances of the Earth like mountain, vale, cave, ground, besides the various forms of air from pleasant essentiality of air to storm, tempest and cyclone gave rise to curiosity in him and he found that these elements are the basic elements of the Universe. Everything in this visible (perceptible) or invisible world is made of these five fundamental elements. These five elements are: Earth, Fire, Water, Sky and Air. One of these elements or their combinations exists in every particle of the universe. Everything is made of five elements irrespective of the vastness or microness it may have. These five elements are present in everything of the world in a definite ratio. If this ratio gets disturbed, the thing may get destroyed or be useless. Human body also has these five elements in a prescribed ratio. As long as the ratio is balanced, man remains active and healthy. It is due to unbalanced condition of this ratio in human body, which gives rise to physical as well as mental problems. According to Astrology online classes there are countless planets in the universe but the circle of life is existent only on Earth. Its reason is that five elements are present on Earth in a definite and favourable ratio.

It is the proper adjustment with these elements that can provide happiness and prosperity to man. While on one hand, the unbalanced position in the ratio of these elements may give rise to defects and diseases in man and animals, on the other hand occurring of any unbalanced position in the large scale of nature may come out in the form of calamity like flood, storm, Earth-quake, drought etc.

Importance of five elements in Vastu:

The life style attuned with nature is the primary motive of Vastu. It is the aim of Vastu and to utilize maximum resources of nature in order to make the human life happy and prosperous; it is not the art of making (constructing) good looking and comfortable houses alone. This is a science, which may make man to construct the kind of atmosphere around him, which may provide happiness and prosperity to him for a longer duration. Such kind of atmosphere will be completely in harmony with nature and man will be the sole beneficiary of it. Due to harmony with nature it becomes very necessary to have the knowledge of Five Elements before any experiment of Vastu. The basic necessity in the construction of house is Land. Land represents the element Earth and it has a definite effect on houses. Therefore, the selection of proper land is necessary to achieve positive results.

Water is the base of life in all human beings on Earth. It is in 3/4th proportion of human body. It indicates that a rich quantity of water is very necessary. Water tank implies a significant place in a house and it affects the water element in the house. Therefore, in order to get the positive effects of water element, the water tank should be constructed on a proper place.

‘Fire’ has always been the fundamental source of energy. Solar energy, electricity, cooking-gas, etc. are also the various forms of energy. Hence, all these belong to Fire element. While on one hand, the proper use of fire gives rise to prosperity, on the other hand carelessness and its improper use may result in severe damage. Care is taken in Vastu to garner the maximum benefit and the positive effects of Fire element.

In the animated world, air is the biggest necessity of life. One may live without water or food for sometime but it is impossible to live without air even for a moment. Similarly, if the air inside the house is stagnant and impure, then there would be negative effect of the air element. Therefore, houses to be constructed on Vastu principle are constructed in such a way that the flow of pure and cold air could remain possible.

‘Sky’ is the vastest element among the five elements. There are countless heavenly bodies in the space. The gravitation, magnetism, radiation, ultra-violet and infra-red effects of these bodies, affect the life on Earth. These forces, radiation and waves get transferred through space. Therefore, all these effects belong to Sky element. The houses according to Vastu are constructed in such a way that they garner the maximum positive effect of space element.

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