How To Be A Astrologer- The Stargazer

Some people say astrology is an art; others call it a sacred science. In any case, as a matter of first importance, astrology is a language. It is a universe of images that make it conceivable to see and discuss a wide range of unpretentious attributes in the personality.


Astrology essentially implies studying the stars. Astrology has been known to the people groups of the antiquated world for over 5,000 years, and had been utilized to ponder how the celestial bodies influence the occasions, and the lives of individuals, on Earth.

According to a different school of thought, astrology was already prevalent in India, and this form of astrology – known as Vedic Astrology – dates back to 6000 years.

Astrology trusts that our lives are impacted, our identities are shaped, and the future course that our lives will take, relies upon how the heavenly bodies, for example, the sun, the moon, the stars and the planets, are set when we are born.

We are very used to the kind of astrological readings that we find in our daily newspapers each morning. This is the sun sign astrology, and is astrology in its least difficult shape. Just the date of your birth to the world is required, and you get exceptionally constrained outcomes through this system. Genuine practitioners of astrology don’t utilize this system.

In the event that you need your readings to be more precise, the astrologer would require the correct time of your birth to the world, to compute where in the Zodiac every planet was around then. He additionally has to know in which signs of the group of stars are the planets situated. Drawing an exact horoscope is a complex system.

In the event that you believe that astrology is something extremely hard and just the experts can learn astrology, at that point you are incorrect. Anybody can figure out how to be an astrologer and make it their profession. All you have to do is to take online or offline degrees in astrology, get your degrees in astrology and start practicing your knowledge. You don’t need to be a graduate from a highly recognized colleges or universities, keeping in mind the end goal to get degrees in astrology.


Importance Of Indian Numerology in Daily Life

We constantly keep upsetting. Distressing about occupation, relations, connections, progress and so on. The list basically won’t end. When we are concerned, we tend to draw more troublesome circumstances throughout our everyday life.


Every one of us has critical extraordinary occasions, which change our lives. Numerology predicts such occasions throughout your life, and reveals to us something about the idea of these turning points.

Indian Numerology refers to the investigation of the numerical estimations of letters, words, names, and thoughts. This framework has been around for quite a long time, and the greater part of these practices are being proceeded even at this point.

With the developing need of self-actualization and needing to achieve their most noteworthy possibilities, individuals are continually endeavoring to look for approaches to do as such.

People are continually looking for approaches to be healthy, to comprehend their own particular personalities and characterizing traits, to discover a partner who might be good and would conform to their own particular needs and nature, and in the contending scene, making sense of how to become successful and pick a profession which would best suit their persona.

Do you know that, your name, your organization name, your site, your brand name, your home number, your store or office number, your phone number, your vehicle number, the hues you be wearing, the hues you use in work environment stationery, the hues you utilize inside your sites, the profession or occupation you are in, all has a numerological importance appended to them?

All the above mentioned things should be in a decent relationship together with your numerological worth to get idealistic impact of affection, success and accomplishment in your life. Ensure that you are not absurdly pulling a dreadful impact because of only a mistakenly spelt name, or wrong mobile number, home number and so forth.

For those of you who believe in destiny, Indian numerology readings can enable you to comprehend what clashes you might probably look in your lifetime, and how best you could manage them. Numerology can help you in finding out about the plan, plotting your life.

Withdraw your doubts behind with your loathsome fortunes and venture into an amazing life topped off with decisions moving toward your way. Have a numerology consultation now.

Learn Palmistry – A Quick Way To Solve Any Problem

Palmistry is all about evidently translating a man’s character or foreseeing their future by analyzing the palm of their hand. It is also known as palm reading by many people all over the world. Palm reading has been in presence almost as far back as the beginning of mankind, giving people the capacity to form a comprehensive opinion about any individual.

learn palmistry

Any individual can learn palmistry. The training to learn palmistry is available everywhere throughout the world, with various social varieties. The individuals who learn palmistry are normally known as palmists, hand readers, hand analysts, or chorologists. It has been practiced in the way of life of India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Persia, Samaria, Palestine and Babylonia since ages.

Contingent upon the kind of palmistry practiced, and the sort of palm reading being performed, a palmists may observe different characteristics of the hand, including the shapes and lines of the palm and fingers; the shading and surface of the skin and fingernails; the relative sizes of the palm and fingers; the noticeable quality of the knuckles; and various different traits of the hands.

Palmistry Lines

Your palm is covered with numerous palmistry lines. Those lines are thought to store much key information about any individual character.

Lines are commonly connected with state of mind, general wellbeing, relationship, fortune, fate and much more. These lines are frequently distinct between your two hands, offering all the more insights about changed stages throughout everyday life etc.

Palmistry lines are certainly the palmist’s’ fundamental instrument, and frequently they are adequate to give a comprehensive and point by point analysis.

Palmistry Mounts

Our ancestors believed that every planet has some sort of impact on every individual’s life, and each mount alludes to its own coordinating planet’s impact. Mounts can relate to kindness, innovativeness, fearlessness, confidence and some more.

 Palmistry Hand Shape

Shape of the Hand are generally related to the components of nature, normally water, air, fire and earth – which in turn alludes to a several personality or feelings of any individual. It’s very easy for astrologers to predict anyone’s character, merely by looking at any individual’s palm reading.

That’s not the end of techniques of palm reading. There is a way lot more to learn.

Learn Astrology Online at Institute of Vedic Astrology

In this modern and fast moving world, one can find hardly very few people who would believe in the supernatural terms. On the other hand, you will find many people who believe that life can be only led by the science. And you will also find people who believe that life is both a combination of science and some supernatural believes. This is the only point where astrology finds its way. Astrology has been in the practice for more than 25,000 years and still you will find many scholars who believe that astrology is a part of science. For clearing your confusion, I’ll tell you about astrology. Astrology is a branch of science that makes use of large numbers for the calculations in mathematics so that the astrologer can find out who the person is inside out.

learning astrology online

In fact, the study of astrology believes in the fact that it is more important for a person to know its own self than knowing the future. This is because if a person is fully aware of what he or she is, then only he’ll be able to focus on his future. Even, it is believed that if you know yourself better, then it will be easier for you to create your own future. Next important thing that you should keep in mind while learning astrology online is that it is not only the study of horoscopes of sun signs but it is more than that.

There are many other factors are kept into consideration while learning astrology. Some of the important factors are the house of 9 planets, constellations, degrees, divisional charts and many others. In fact, when these factors are taken into consideration, the main or internal human being is formed by this. The astrologers by using these factors are able to know a better view or the life of the individuals and thus, they help their customers in getting a better view about themselves. Thus, by learning astrology, you will be able to know yourself better and which in turn will help you to focus more on your future.

Roop Chaturdashi Puja Process in Hindi

Institute of vedic astrology

Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore Reviews the puja process to be done this Deepawali during Roop Chaturdashi.

Diwali is a special festival celebrated in Hindu community. The process is written in Hindi for better understanding.

इस बार रूपचतुर्दशी(छोटीदीवाली)के दिन हस्त नक्षत्र रहेगा जिसके स्वामी चन्द्रमा भगवान् है | चन्द्रमा साक्षात देवता है तथा हमारे जीवन में मन, सुख, समृद्धि तथा ख़ुशी के कारक है | छोटीदीवाली के दिन चन्द्रमा भगवान् की आराधना से विशेष फल की प्राप्ति होगी | भगवान् शिव चन्द्रमा के प्रधान देवता है इसलिए शुभ फल की प्राप्ति के लिए भगवान् शिव की पूजा इस दिन भी श्रेष्ठ फल दायक रहेगी|

पूजा: सुबह स्नानसेपहले: रूप चतुर्दशी में अच्छे रूप के लिए सुबह टिल का तेल और उबटन (फेसवाश) का उपयोग करे | नहाने के जल में इत्र डाले | अच्छे साबुन / गेल इत्यादि का उपयोग करे | अच्छा परफ्यूम लगाये | अच्छे वस्त्र पहने | अपने आप को अच्छे से सवारे |

पूजा: सुबह स्नान के पश्यात: सुबहस्नान करने के बादशिव भगवान् कापंचामृतऔर जल से अभिषेक करे | जल चडाते हुए ॐ नमः शिवाय का जाप/ स्मरण करे | इसके बाद १०८ बार ॐ नमः शिवाय का जाप करे | चन्द्रमा भगवान् को शिव जी के मस्तक पर ध्यान करते हुए साष्टांग दंडवत (केवल पुरुष)प्रणाम करे |

पूजा : शाम : मंदिर, गो-शाला, उद्यान, पेड़ के नीचे, नदी के किनारे, बहरी दीवार के ऊपर, रसोई तथा अन्य जगह (यथा संभव) स्थानों पर पूजाकरके सूर्यास्त के बाद दिए जलाये |

Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore Reviews the Dhanteras Puja Process

institute of vedic astrology

Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore Reviews the puja process to be done this Deepawali. Diwali is a special festival celebrated in Hindu community. The process is written in Hindi.

इस बार धनतेरस के दिन उत्तरा भाद्रपद नक्षत्र रहेगा जिसके स्वामी सूर्य भगवान् है | सूर्य भगवान् साक्षात देवता है तथा हमारे जीवन में अच्छे स्वास्थ्य, तेज, सोच तथा आत्मा के कारक है | धनतेरस के दिन सूर्य भगवान् की आराधना से विशेष फल की प्राप्ति होगी | धनतेरसके दिन भगवान् धन्वन्तरी (आयुर्वेद के देवता – अच्छेस्वास्थ्यके कारक / भगवान् विष्णु के अवतार) की भी पूजा करना अच्छे स्वस्थ्य के लिए शुभ कारक है |

पूजा: सुबह: सुबहस्नान करने के बाद सूर्य नारायण भगवान् को जल से अर्घ्य दे | जल चडाते हुए सूर्य भगवान् के १२ नामो (१२ नाम न पता हो तो ॐ घ्रणी सूर्याय नमःमंत्र का १२ या अधिक बार जाप करे)का स्मरण करे | जल में रोली, चावल, लाल या कनेर का फुल तथा सहकार या गुड डाले | ताम्बे के कलश का उपयोग करे | चड़ा हुआ जल पैरो में नहीं आना चाहिए | जल चडाने के बाद, मध्यमा औरअनामिका अंगुली से जल कोदोनों नेत्रों में लगाये | घडी की दिशा में घूम कर सूर्य भगवान् की एक परिक्रमा करे | जिन लोगो को सूर्य नमस्कार आता हो वे सूर्य नमस्कार भीकरे(२ बार) |

पूजा : शाम : भगवान् धन्वन्तरी इनका प्रिय धातु पीतल माना जाता है। इसीलिये धनतेरस को पीतल खरीदना शुभ होता है ।  पीतल के कलश में आम के पत्ते रखे, गंगा जल भरे, गोटा हल्दी रखे तथा नारियल रखे | इसमें यमुना जी का आह्व्हन करे | इसमें भगवान् धन्वन्तरी का भी आह्व्हन करे | इसमें गोटा हल्दी डाले| इसमेंसंजीवनी मंत्र का ११०० बार या अधिक जाप करे | इस जल को सभीको पीने के लिए दे | गोटा हल्दी को पीस करभोजन में उपयोग करे |

संजीवनी मंत्र :

ॐ हौं जूंसःभूर्भुवःस्वःॐत्र्यम्बकं यजामहेसुगंधिमपुष्टिवर्धनंउर्वारुकमिवबन्धनानमृत्योरमोक्षीय माम्रतात स्वःजूंसः हौं ||

Capricorns Zodiac And Its Properties | Institute of Vedic Astrology | IVAINDIA


Capricorns Symbol

Upper part of the body like a horned goat and lower part like alligator.

Capricorns Place

This is the tenth zodiac in the zodiac cycle and its place is river and water


Capricorn Sign Class

Capricorn sign belongs to Vaishya class. They keep trying to earn profit. These

natives prefer self Business over service.

Capricorn Element

Capricorn zodiac element is earth. Hence they are simple by nature. They are

forgiving and generous.

Capricorn Sign Gender

Capricorn is a feminine sign. Due to feminine nature, native has softness in their

nature. Native’s are service driven and work to help others. They are quite sensitive by


Capricorn Stability

Capricorn is an unstable zodiac. Its natives are restless. It is difficult for them to

stay at one place for long or stick to one job.

Capricorn Parts of body and Diseases

These natives do not frequently visit clinics or hospitals or consult doctors. They

believe in keeping themselves till by controlled diet, yoga, exercise and physical labor.

Such as approach keeps them in goes shape and saves time and money which

otherwise would be wasted on treatment.

Younger children of this zodiac do have some minor health problems but they are

cures by naturopathy.


Capricorn Area of work

Natives of this zodiac are satirists, authors, comedians and actors. Some of them

are famous music directors.

They make reasonable fortune in land and farm related dealing. They start good

business such as poultry farming, production of manure, bio gas, fruit, vegetable and

however farming, growing sugarcane and manufacturing sugar, producing cotton etc.

They never indulge in any illegal business.

Due to natural qualities they prove to be good salesmen or saleswomen. They

have a knack of convincing customers to buy their items.

They are prophetic readers and novelists. They excel in debates, painting, and

music also. Both men and women natives of this zodiac are earning laurels in various

areas. These natives are found in politics, publication etc also.

Capricorns Nature

Natives of the zodiac are of mild and soft disposition. They deal with others in a very

decent and affectionate manner. They are soft-spoken, civil and sober, violence or aggressive do not match with their character. Their belief is that unnecessary violence does not solve problems of give good results while with love and sobriety you can even fame wild animals.

Their diet, thoughts and intellect also reflects above virtues, they dislike malignant and

spicy food which makes a person rough. Sobriety opens many gates for a person

automatically. India could win independence by soft non-violent methods only.

Natives this zodiac sometimes makes good profits but loose it also. Nothing for them is

auspicious or inauspicious. If you suffer today’ you will gain tomorrow. Fate provides them wealth and happiness. They make money by easy and ethical means i.e. making up profit in business, dealings in real estate or from attractive salary.

They live within their income. Not that they cut short their desires but do not over

spend. If they have sufficient Money to spend on luxury, better living, they do not hesitate to spend. But in a nut shell they are against excessively luxurious living.

These natives live long. They do not have innervating habits like drinking, smoking etc.

Sometimes these simple, cool tempered people face very difficult situations in this wicked world. But their soft and sober nature restrains them from getting wild or violent ultimately, bad time is over and they recoup what had been lost. They know that after a well hits the bottom it has to come up. Therefore, one has to win after a defeat only thing is that one must remain unperturbed by temporary bad periods.

Sometimes these natives perform hard and aggressive acts under the garb of decency.

They at times beat up their wives, but finally realize their mistake or repent for their rough behaviors and become their origin of self.

This zodiac has given us a number of freedom fighters and martyrs.

They are mild like a she goat. They take simple toad and their thoughts are also simple.

They like company of religious saints and spiritual leaders. Although they practice frugality but do not leg behind in giving alms at charity. As per them giving knowledge is the best charity.

Mothers of this zodiac are hot-tempered and they live long. The native gets opportunity

to make his mother comfortable, Natives are a bit Romeo type, lovers of entertainment and interested in poetry, music and acting. They become well-known poets. Also one can find reputed editors and authors in the category of this zodiac. They are valiant, efficient, wise and good politicians. They know how to make strategies in democracy.

They make a name in high administrative circle also due to their calm nature and ability

to take instant decisions. They also like fun and prolix and make a gathering interesting. Due to humorous nature they do not have to face many difficulties. Also they are cool, tolerant, serious and temperate. Thus they have keys of glory in their hands.

Natives of Capricorn zodiac earn wealth and repute by hard labor but their children start misusing money affecting prestige of their fathers. Such natives are worries because of such sons. However, the try their best to concern their sons about the pit falls of bad route and mostly area able to repair the damage.

These natives are disgusted with their employees as well who cause them some losses. Their married life is excellent and sweat couples do not quarrel much. Husband and  wife both are wise enough.


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