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Zodiac Sign :  Virgo

This zodiac’s symbol is figure of a girl.


Place of Virgo is lower part of the abdomen.


Natives of this zodiac do any job after lot of deep thinking, assessing losses and profits, what problems are likely to arise and all such aspects. Based on all this exercise they prepare blue print of the job and start it and ensure that it is finished as per fixed schedule. Due to such approach, hardly any problems arise and work is completed as planned.
These natives depend on their own self confidence. Whatever is to be done, must be undertaken with confidence and positive approach so that one does not has to encounter problems. Notifications render public service with self-confidence, which is a priceless virtue. Coupled with self confidence is patience. If you are impatient, all other qualities are meaningless. Endurance facilitates all assignments. These natives never lose patience in hostile conditions and accomplish the job.
Each work entails patience, self confidence, right thinking, understanding and money. These natives do not insure money and therefore. Are always financially sound. Money makes money if utilized properly. Virgo natives are driven by this principle. No wonder, these natives follow these basic rules and their prestige, confidence, money and regulation increase day by day.
Apart from above qualities these natives are extremely respectful towards others. They invite great and pious souls to their bouse and serve them with at most devotion. Naturally, their own reputation goes up in the eyes of people and they became popular in the siciety. They are emotional. Their thinking is rager sharp and new ideas are churning in their minds. As a result they became known figures in their fields. At times they quarrel among themselves but reconcile their problems and get unite again. Tit for tat is their policy.
They are friend of friends and enemy of enemies but basically they want everybody to be happy and prosperous.
Yet another quality of these natives is that they are indiciaous. They are known for their love for justice. Many of them become great jurists. They can tolerate injustice to be done to anyone.
By nature Virgo natives are mild nature. They do not often others and treat them with courtesy. They are non-violent. Politeness removes hardles from their path. They never get disappointed. As their place is grass, their nature too is basically, soft. They are good looking. Their beauty is not only external but they are beautiful by heart also.
Married life of these natives is a bit unhappy, but they accept things as they come and do not brood over miner discomforts. They are ever smilling to face problems and advice others also not to submit to adverse circumstances. Thus they convert their unhappiness to happiness because they know that life is not a bed of roses.
Virgo natives like to go on pilgrimages due to their religious nature. They also have faith in astrology and such other disciplines. After success in business they certainly visit religious places. This provides them a much needed change out they again pluge into their business with renewed Vigours.
Water word of these natives is “Honesty is the best policy. “ They remain honest till the last breath. In whichever area they work honesty answers success to them.
These natives are liked by their in-laws. Reason for this their mixing and co-operative nature.
Another attribute is attending to the sick and old members of the family, especially women natives perform such jobs as a sacred duty. Not only are they look after their family but are equally sincerer towards their business/trade. Women natives have special liking for cosmetics trading, like beauty parler, boutique etc. Although they are generally successful in this business- but every trader has to face loss of profit, ups and downs etc which has effect on their natives. Self confidence and honesty ensure success to them. They never criticize others, do not lose patience, respect everybody and take decisions consulting with others. Their positive thinking is an additional advantage.
This is a feminine zodiac get all the stories, wealth and many recognitions in life. They live life like lords and yet are popular in the society. To put it in few words these natives are versatile geniuses.
In the area of education theory donot earn much respect but one to self confidence and endurance they do not get disillusioned and continue to move forward.
No one values the importance of time like Virgo natives. Even their daily activities so by clock. They know fully well that time and tide do not wait for anybody. Hence they utilize every moment carefully.
They prove to be reliable friends. They are always available to help any friend is trouble. Once they make a friends he or she becomes friend for life.
At times their reality looks like superficial and defeat enguels them. But undoubtedly they do not lose patience or courage.
There natives are beautiful, soft-spoken, men of few words, cultured and lucky. They extend wealth and prosperity of family and never deviate them the right path.
They are cautious about earning and keep looking for new sources of income. They do not spend money on unwanted things and hate bad habits. Clean living and high thinking ensure that hard earned money does not go down the drain.
Virgo natives follow the old customs, virtuals and traditions like burning a widow along with expired husband, not allowing widows to remarry, child marriage etc.
Such natives is not scared of enemies, but they have virtually, no enemy. Due to friendly nature, question of that does not arise.
Another features of these natives is innovativeness i.e. inventing, methods which can increase output in industries or farming.

Parts of body/Diseases

Many Virgo natives suffer from pain in stomach, hands and intenstines. Cough and cold and pneumonia also grip them. They have to be careful about their food intake. Some have reproductory problems also.


Varna of Virgo is Vaishya. Due to this fact the natives are have an interest in business than job. Native has good understanding of business. They get benefit in doing business.


Virgo zodiac element is earth. Hence they are simple by nature. They are forgiving and generous.


Virgo is a feminine sign. Due to feminine nature, native has softness in their nature. Native’s are service driven and work to help others. They are quite sensitive by nature.


Virgo zodiac is bi-natured. That is why the natives are in double minds. The native is either not clear in taking decisions or take very long time in coming to conclusion. Even after arriving at final decision the native is not sure about it and is in a fix.

Area of work

Natives are enterprising. Textiles industry and ready-made garments are profitable to them. Even after firmly establishing their business, they do not relax. Instead they find ways and means to step up production and try various means like advertising their brand of product. Another area of interest is fancy items, gift items for which demand is increasing day by day.
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